Manual handling advice for folding trolleys

A folding trolley makes light work of awkward loads. If you have bulky items to move, on your own, a trolley makes a trusted ally.

How do you use a trolley though to avoid accidents or injuries? We think these suggestions should keep you safe and out of harm’s way.

Check the equipment

Before you use a folding trolley take a good look at the equipment. Does it appear to be in good condition, has it been well-maintained, are the wheels moving freely and does the handgrip seem to be in good working order?

Bought new from Solent Plastics and you’ll have no concerns. Use older types of equipment though and a quick safety check is worth a few minutes of your time. 

Test the load

Folding trolleys have a maximum load bearing. The load ratings on trolleys from Solent Plastics vary from 30kgs to 200kgs and they comfortably handle most masses.

Check the weight of the load before you do any lifting. Never try to lift an object that feels too heavy for you or the trolley. This will only end in disaster. 

Lift with caution

When lifting a load with the trolley, gently tip the item backwards, find the centre of gravity, and let the trolley take most of the strain.

Lift correctly and the trolley should take most of the weight, you’ll soon start to feel it if the angle is wrong.

Look at the surface area

Pay close attention to the area you’ll be covering with the trolley. Check in front and be wary of uneven ground that might cause the load to become unstable.

Keep a clear view

Never load the trolley up too high. You should have a clear, unobstructed view of the route of passage at all times.

Peering around the sides of loads is dangerous. Look straight forward and you’ll be able to spot hazards as they appear.

Watch your speed

Walk at a steady rate with the trolley. A comfortable walking pace is fine, don’t try to rush, just take it easy and let the trolley do all the hard work.

Be careful on slopes

Take extra care if you are tackling slopes with a folding trolley. Slight inclines are fine as long as you are prepared for the unexpected.

Walk up a ramp for example and a little extra force will be required, if you think the slope is too severe conduct a risk assessment before starting your ascent or descent. 

Folding trolleys at Solent Plastics have large wheels and ergonomic handles for easy handling. Try one; we think you’ll be impressed!