Maximise Your Office Space with Innovative Plastic Storage Boxes

Busy offices are often messy by nature - with supplies, paperwork, files, etc.  Untidy workplace environments can affect productivity!

The quickest and most obvious solution is to clean up and free up some space – but how do you actually go about it?

Start re-organising and boost the morale of your workforce with the following tips:

Business Storage

One of the fastest growing decluttering solutions, business storage allows you to clear up without disposing of anything. Providing a back-up for office essentials and other bulky items, simply store them away until you need them again.

Solent Plastics' crate hire service  assures heavy duty, reliable storage solutions; our rental crates stack safely – taking up minimum space. Files and documents will remain confidential and tamperproof as our rental crates are equipped with security seals.

Maximise Space

Be creative and make the most out of the office space you have! Storage units and storage boxes can help to create an upward storage system - put boxes on shelves instead of spreading them outwardly across the floor.

Our plastic shelving units and scuba boxes work well together to create the ideal office storage. For easier retrieval, you can categorise each tier per item type.

New Storage Containers and Bins

View the whole range here: Really Useful Clear Plastic Boxes

Acquiring new plastic storage boxes, bins and containers can do wonders for desk organisation. Whether for storing paper documents, small office supplies or personal necessities, our clear ‘Really Useful’ plastic storage boxes with lids are the perfect desk organising solution. Available in different sizes, you are sure to find the perfect fit for every employee.

Create Space

As a last resort, you can opt to expand the office space that you already have. If you think it is permissible, you can take down a partition wall and add an extra room… but why bother when you can fill the already liberated space with one of our plastic drawer tower storage units to utilise your other office belongings?

Buy it here: Hercule 3 x 25 Litre Plastic Drawer Tower Storage Unit

Call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478 and we’ll have you systemised, categorised and organised in no time.