Maximising Tiny Spaces with Plastic Storage Boxes

For people who live in homes with limited space, storage will always be enemy number one. They cannot go out and buy anything without considering where it might be stored.

Live smart and think inside the box… literally!  Let’s start with plastic storage boxes. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow storage solutions to maximise your precious little space:

Plastic Storage Boxes on Room Dividers

If you have some room dividers that can hold larger items like the sample image above, then make use of them to store some plastic storage boxes. You will be surprised how much extra space this can create.

Utilise the Space under the Stairs with Plastic Storage Boxes

Instead of leaving the space under your stairs empty, why not turn it into a storage hideout? Make the most out of every space, filling it with stackable boxes. We recommend that you use clear plastic storage boxes with lids for a more organised stacking system and easy content identification purposes.

Solent Plastics offers a variety of storage boxes that will comfortably fit the space under your stairs.

Open Fronted Plastic Storage Boxes

Open fronted storage allows you to organise your things without limiting your access to them. This storage solution is ideal for the garage where you can easily reach the tools you need without any fuss.

Coloured Plastic Storage Boxes for a Little Pop of Colour

Brighten up your home with coloured plastic storage boxes that can help to liven up your small space. These boxes can also be the perfect colour coded storage solutions for organising your belongings into different categories.

Create the Illusion of Space by Making the Most Out of Plastic Storage Boxes

If you can't help yourself from buying new things all the time, despite the fact that you have limited space, then maybe it's time for you to improve your organisation skills! 

Creating an illusion of space through the use of plastic storage boxes can be easy if you know how to creatively organise.