Mobile Plastic Storage Tanks: Your Commercial Storage Partner

In big industries where storage is considered as a core necessity, innovative solutions always come in handy. This is why companies from the food, manufacturing and hospitality industries depend on mobile plastic storage to make their daily operations a tad easier.

Solent Plastics offers mobile plastic storage tanks that are perfect for different industrial purposes, with their commercially-friendly features that make product handling and transportation quick and easy. Here’s a little more information on the product’s key features: 

  • Large Swivel Castors

          All our mobile plastic storage tanks are equipped with large, heavy duty swivel castors for smooth mobility. 

  • Colour Coded Tanks

           For the easy identification of work or waste streams, our RM models are available in 6 colours: white, natural, red, yellow, blue and green. 

  • Smooth Internal Design

          Not only are our plastic storage tanks designed to be heavy duty, they are also engineered to be ultra-hygienic. They come with a snag-free internal design for food and liquid storage.

Ideal Industrial Applications

Our flexible range of mobile plastic storage is suitable for various applications over many industries:

  • Laundry trolleys for hotels
  • Ingredients containers in the food industry
  • Controlled storage for pharmaceutical use
  • Beer bottle collection for bars and restaurants
  • Colour coded waste bins for different industries

Our Mobile Plastic Storage Offers 

Our mobile plastic storage range includes coloured wheeled storage tanks, eco wheeled storage tanks and mobile trolley bins.

Heavy Duty Wheeled Storage Tank

Ranging from 72 to 455 litre capacity, our coloured wheeled storage tanks are perfect for food and liquid storage. Whether for crops, feed or ingredients, these tanks can guarantee a safe and easy means of transportation. Coloured lids are also available upon request.

Take note that although the storage tanks can be used as liquid storage, they should not be overloaded as this will likely cause them to break; a chassis frame can provide extra support when needed.

ECO Recycled Plastic Heavy Duty Wheeled Storage Tank

The ECO Value range is of the same quality and specifications as our standard coloured tanks but they offer greater savings. Available in a standard colour of black, the ECO tank is an environmentally friendly storage solution that is suitable for non-food commercial use. 

Mobile Plastic Bar Trolley Bottle Bin

Living up to its name, our Mobile Plastic Bar Trolley Bottle Bin is ideally used for bottle collections in bars, hotels and restaurants. Its lightweight feature and flexible nature allow it to be alternatively used as a dump bin for catering events or as a laundry trolley for hotels.

Achieve safe, convenient and durable plastic storage with our mobile plastic storage tanks! For any further plastic storage advice, please call 01794 514478.