Most Commonly used Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes

Lockable Plastic Storages

Solent Plastics’ range of lockable plastic storage boxes is surely an invaluable investment that will help you to securely store and protect your valuable possessions – from small belongings to larger items that can be stowed in your loft, utility room or garage.

Cargo Boxes

With a rugged appearance, cargo boxes are the preferred choice for campers and fishermen as they are easy to handle, even when crammed to the brim! Although not as large as some of our other storage alternatives, cargo boxes can be used for emergency equipment and home supplies.

Mobile Chests

When in need of a larger storage solution, mobile chests are a really good choice. With an immense depth, this makes them a deceivingly large storage box that is easy to manage – they are the Tardis of the plastic storage world! Often favoured by contractors, builders and tradesmen, the mobile chest can comfortably accommodate tools and supplies in one safe, dry and lockable facility.

Deck Boxes

Deck boxes are your biggest plastic storage option, with a capacity of anywhere from fifty up to around one hundred and thirty gallons. Often used by homeowners, they are typically used to keep a wide range of outdoor items in one tidy and convenient place - such as BBQ equipment, seat cushions and toys.

Heavy-Duty Storage Totes

Complete with reinforced bottoms and lids, our heavy-duty storage totes are your reliable storage all-rounder. Conveniently stackable, they can handle heavy weights without cracking. Although commonly used in homes, they are also popular among campers who need lockable waterproof storage boxes for their camping gear.

Storage Trunks

With the same extra strong features as totes but with added space for extra-large items, storage trunks can also be stacked and stored vertically for easier organisation.

They are a smart choice for household use and for travelling with expensive or delicate items.

Ammo Boxes

Plastic ammo boxes include heavy duty handles; these boxes are ideal as a compact container for all your outdoor adventures.

Whatever the storage occasion, Solent Plastics can rise to the challenge! To help you select the right box for your essentials, please call the plastic storage experts on 01794 514478.