Organise Your Garage in 6 Simple Steps

Often a messy space, the garage tends to be brimming with all sorts of items – tools, housekeeping materials, vehicle consumables, etc., etc.! All this clutter can be so frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for…


…Solent Plastics understands your plight, so here’s a simple guide to help you organise your garage – obviously, you are going to need some plastic storage boxes!

Assess how you wish to make use of the space

Your garage space can serve different purposes, so it’s important to think about how you would like the space to be used. Whether for your workspace, a storage room or as a parking area for your vehicle, setting a specific plan will allow you to execute the tidying drill more efficiently.

Clear the space and clean the floors and walls

Remove all your items from the garage and lay them out on a tarp. Freeing your garage from all the clutter will allow you to consider how to make the best use of the available space. It will also give you the opportunity to clean the space thoroughly – sweep, scrub and paint your garage until it is looking like new!

Sort out all your items

With all your items laid out, it will be much easier to sort them. Determine which of the items can still be used and which ones should be thrown away.

For a more efficient sorting process, you can classify your items by category. You may choose to place all your sporting equipment in one area and all the carpentry tools in another. This will allow you to calculate how much space you will need for each department.

Divide the spaces and create zones

Map out your garage space and create zones depending on the items that you have sorted. Make sure you consider convenience and how often the items are used. You can then choose to mark spaces where you intend to place cabinets, shelves and any other storage facilities.

If you have too much stuff and not enough space, you can make use of ceiling storage systems to fully maximise your garage’s capacity… cue, plastic storage boxes!

Fit shelves, pegboards, cabinets and storage boxes

After you have mapped out the space, strategically plan how you can store more items without cluttering any one area. Shelves, pegboards and cabinets are a great way to get your items secured by category.

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Plastic storage boxes are a great way to store your tools and other items to keep them organised. Sturdy and versatile by nature, our Buffalo storage trunks are ideal for storing all the bulky items in your garage. They are also designed to be water-resistant and weatherproof, to ensure that everything is fully protected from dirt, moisture and other damaging elements.

Label all the zones and storage boxes

Don’t forget to label each and every storage box, cabinet and shelf. Properly labelling everything at the onset will save you a lot of time and effort when you want to locate a single item in a pile of boxes.

Our wide selection of durable and hardwearing plastic storage boxes is about to become your new storage best friend – your garage is going to be the epitome of organisation! Phone us on 01794 514478 to learn more about our products. If a job’s worth doing… Solent Plastics, of course.