Organise Your Kids' Craft Supplies with Plastic Storage Bins

It’s always nice to see your kids getting creative but the ensuing mess and chaos… not so much!

Organising their craft supplies may seem like an arduous task but really all it takes is some plastic storage bins, labelling pens and a dedicated storage area.

Create the Storage Zone

This can be in a corner of their room or anywhere around the house. The area should be set aside to store all the craft supplies – you can use a small cabinet or some shelves.

As much as possible, avoid having a single container for all the items – as it will be harder to find the things that are needed.

Hercule Plastic Tower

Get it here: Hercule 3 x 25 Ltr Plastic Drawer Tower Storage Unit

Alternatively, you may use our plastic drawers! Solent Plastics’ robust transparent drawers are specially designed to offer visibility of the contents – making it easy to find things without even opening them!

Get things Sorted

Categorise the craft supplies according to type and prepare a specific storage solution for each.

Our range of plastic storage bins with removable lids comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate various items. Constructed from clear food grade recyclable polypropylene, they are perfect for storing paper, coloured pencils, glue, feathers, beads, etc.

9L really useful plastic box

Get it here: 9 Litre Clear Transparent Really Useful Plastic Storage Box Container

Plastic storage bins are also resistant to air, moisture, water and other damaging elements – ensuring that the craft supplies are kept safe when stored. Moreover, plastic storage bins with lids will keep everything dust free.

Opt for Transparent and Stackable Bins

1.5L really useful plastic box

Get it here: 1.5 Litre Clear Transparent Really Useful Plastic Storage Box Container

Plastic storage bins that are transparent and stackable are a great way to keep craft supplies tidy and they don’t take up too much space – and it’s easy to spot what you are looking for!

18L small weathertight storage box

Get it here: 18 Ltr Small Iris Weathertight / Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

Added tip: Make it easier for your kids to find things in the plastic storage bins by labelling each with a colourful sticker!

Don’t Forget to Include a Bin

Teach your kids how to keep their work area tidy by putting at least one bin in their crafting space.

Routinely Re-organise the Supplies

Although you might already have sorted a dedicated storage solution for each category, you can almost guarantee that shortcuts will be taken come clearing up time!

4L plastic hobby box

Get it here: 4 Litre Hobby Box Really Useful Clear Transparent Plastic Storage Container

Ensure that your child’s craft space remains organised and free from clutter by routinely rearranging the craft supplies. That way, you will also be able to see which supplies need to be restocked.

Solent Plastics has the perfect storage solution to organise any area of the home…including your kids’ craft area! For lightweight yet durable plastic storage bins that are totally child-friendly, contact the plastic storage experts on 01794 514478.