Plastic Storage Boxes Ideal for Outdoor Use

Sometimes the mess inside our homes can overflow into our outdoor facilities – out of sight out of mind!  Although this might not always be a bad idea, it can result in mishandled, broken or even lost items.

Bring some order back into your life with our perfect storage solution - plastic storage boxes!  

Areas Where They Can Be Used

The Garage

First stop; the garage! Often the prime location for any unwanted items when we are decluttering our homes, this area isn’t usually climate-controlled so it can be unsafe for some materials - especially when they are stored over long periods. Plastic storage boxes to the rescue!

Your Garden Area

Compared to wooden and cardboard storage boxes, plastic alternatives require little to no maintenance; they are durable, waterproof and naturally resistant to decay.

For Camping

Plastic storage boxes are a convenient choice for camping. Large yet also lightweight, they will keep everything organised even when you are on the move!  

Our Storage Boxes Are Suitable For Outdoor Use

Solent Plastics offers a wide and varied range of plastic storage boxes that can be safely utilised outdoors:

Marine & Waterproof Range

View the whole range here: Water Resistant Boxes & Storage Trunks

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant and weatherproof
  • Large capacity
  • Large wheels for Buffalo and scuba boxes
  • Padlockable Buffalo and dock boxes
  • Stackable airtight storage boxes

What better way to keep your items perfectly safe from the outdoor elements than in our reliable waterproof storage boxes? Our extensive range is widely used in the marine industry, so you can rest assured they can withstand even the most challenging conditions.

Other than marine use, our waterproof boxes are also a common sight in the commercial and leisure maritime industries - our Scuba Boxes are pretty popular for camping storage too!

Titan Low Cabinet 

Buy it here: Titan Low Cabinet - Water Resistant Outside Storage Cupboard Garden Locker

Key Features:

  • Padlockable
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • IP43 water resistance

This convenient cupboard is the ideal storage solution for organising outdoor spaces - the garage, garden, patio and terrace. You can store pretty much anything you want in it — tools, wood, compost, BBQ items and even animal feed – as long as it does not exceed the 30 kg shelf capacity.

It also comes with two adjustable shelves that can easily adapt to your size requirements.

Multi-Functional Splash Proof Garden Locker

Buy it here: Multi-Functional Splash Proof Outside Storage Cupboard Garden Locker

Key Features:

  • Padlockable
  • Opening lid
  • Removable shelf

Ta da! Yet another innovative cupboard, this modern garden locker offers great storage facilities for all your gardening tools and equipment. Its most notable feature is the lift up top which provides easy access and convenient storage – perfect for use in the garden for potting and pruning.

The 2-door caddies will accommodate tools and other small items.

Hinged Lid Euro Containers 

View the whole range here: Lidded European Standard Plastic Container

Key Features:

  • Attached hinged lid
  • Inter-stacking
  • Ergonomic handles

The answer to all your security and safety demands, these containers have a heavy duty integral snap-shut lid that can secure and protect your most valuable items. The in-built clips will keep the boxes tightly closed; ensuring they are secure even when in transit.

Resilient plastic storage boxes are a brilliant outdoor storage solution that can have you tidied up in a jiffy!  Sorry, did I hear someone say they were putting the kettle on? With any enquiries about our products, please call 01794 514478.