Plastic Storage Boxes: Modern, Innovative Home Moving Solution

Traditionally, cardboard boxes have been used to move home because they are cheap and easy to find. However, the perfect box won’t just be about cost-effectiveness; efficiency and longevity should also be considered.

Solent Plastics  offers plastic storage boxes that are suitable for relocation. These boxes can also be reused for domestic applications. 

Buffalo Storage Boxes 

Probably best known for its tough nature and extra-large capacity – reaching up to 145 litres, the Buffalo Storage Box can protect your belongings from the outside elements because it is water resistant and weatherproof.

Here are some of its key features:

  • It is equipped with four large wheels

          Transferring from one place to another is made easier, with no need for additional moving equipment.

  • It is padlockable

          For the utmost security, this feature ensures the safe storage of items including gadgets, important documents or even jewellery.

Airtight Plastic Storage Boxes

Commonly seen in households, Airtight Plastic Storage Boxes also make a great moving aid. Since they are a tough, food grade polypropylene construction, they are guaranteed to provide a protective storage solution. 

Aside from their durability, they are also:

  • Stackable

          Featuring a reinforced lid for easier and safer stacking, when they are not in use you can simply stack them away.

  • Weathertight

          Providing protection from water, dust and other damaging elements, the airtight feature will ensure the safe transportation of your precious items. 

Scuba Plastic Storage Boxes

Being the only airtight/weathertight stackable plastic storage box in the UK, we make sure that our Scuba Plastic Storage Boxes are practical and made with high quality materials. Aside from their functionality, our scuba boxes are also professionally presented.

They can be stored in damp areas at home or outside. More than their tough features, they also have:

  • Hermetic Airtight Seal

          Scuba boxes ensure absolute air, moisture and dust-free storage.

  • Ergonomic soft touch rubber handles + wheels

          These features make moving and handling a lot easier.

Plastic storage boxes are becoming a popular moving means and the best thing about them, is that aside from being modern and practical, they are also readily available!