Plastic Storage Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has very keen requirements when it comes to quality storage products. With parts and equipment ranging from large to small and heavy to light, this makes our plastic containers an efficient and safe storage choice.

Stacking Plastic Container Box

Get it here: USED 20 Litre Heavy Duty Shallow Stacking Euro Container Tray

Heavy duty and impact resistant, our 23 litre shallow euro containers are complete with integral hand grips that make them easier and safer to handle. They can cope with pretty much anything automotive – vehicle parts, heavy tools, etc.

Lidded Plastic Storage Box

Get it here: Used 80 Litre Stack / Nest Attached Lid Container / Lidded Plastic Storage Box

With 80 litres capacity, these ex-rental distribution containers are perfect for carrying large vehicle parts. Despite their size, these containers are convenient to stack when full and easy to nest when empty – to save space.

Jerry Cans

Get it here: Used 25 Litre Heavy Duty Blue Plastic Jerrycan with Cap

Where would you be without our heavy duty plastic Jerrycans? Featuring a screw cap and a moulded carrying handle; they are ideal for storing fuel, machine oil, waste oil and other auto liquids.

Swingbar Stack Containers

Get it here: 130 Litre Used Extra Long Swingbar Stack / Nest Container with Drop on Lid

Since automotive equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, our 130 litre extra-long swingbar stack containers are made to accommodate those larger and more awkward automotive parts; like piping tools, chassis parts and exhaust shafts - again, easy to nest away when empty!

Open Fronted Parts Bin

                                          Get it here: 0.9 Litre Schaefer Lightly Used Open Fronted Stackable Storage Container Small Parts Bin

Our 0.9 litre open fronted small part stackable storage bins are widely used amongst automobile manufacturers and suppliers - suitable for workshop picking, components, nuts/bolts and electric circuits.

Additional tip: Hang these nifty little storage bins onto a stable louvered panel for convenient access to those little vehicular necessities.

Solent Plastics gets the green light for their wide range of very useful plastic containers. Call us on 01794 514478 and pull up to the bumper baby!

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