Portable Storage Boxes: Handy Storage for Any Application

Today's market is so vast… that you can actually find all sorts of storage boxes for your specific needs. Given that they provide durability and ample storage space, are they also as flexible and as convenient as portable plastic storage boxes?

Key Features

Our extensive range of portable storage boxes includes tool boxes, storage cases and protective cases. They are flexible enough to suit various industries – since they can easily be carried and conveniently transported.

Aside from providing high levels of protection to the contents, here are some of their other more prominent features:

Waterproof – with a water-resistant quality, this makes them a reliable outdoor storage option - ensuring that contents are kept dry, even when the box is exposed to fluids or wet weather conditions.

Airtight – not even the slightest bit of dust can slip through these boxes! No need to worry about exposing your items to the elements; especially if they are sensitive to dust and dirt.

Robust Handle and Sliding Clasp Locks - the handle and locks offer total peace of mind; assuring that contents remain fully secured when transported.

Our Portable Storage Box Offers

Magnus Portable Euro Plastic Storage Cases

Ideal Uses: Storage for high cost equipment; tool box for construction materials; van organisation

The Magnus plastic storage cases are perfect for securing valuable items during house or office moves. Constructed from top quality materials, the smooth insides are easy to maintain.

RAACO Tool Boxes and Organiser Cabinets

From left to right: RAACO Handybox, RAACO Small Parts Organiser Cabinet and RAACO Open Toolbox

When it comes to item sorting in warehouses or hardware services and instalments, look no further than our RAACO series! These boxes are incredibly useful when out on service appointments; equally, they can simply be displayed as shelf bins.

RAACO Handy Box

The handy box consists of four assorter trays – each with 14 removable compartments. It can be standalone, stackable or a grouped together type of storage box.

RAACO Small Parts Organiser Cabinet

Made up of 44 clear resistant drawers, this organiser cabinet is ideal for sorting small items such as screws, nails, rings, etc. It can also be mounted on the wall for easy access in industrial areas.

RAACO Open Toolbox

If you want fast and easy access, this open top toolbox is the ideal choice! With 3 large compartments + a pull out drawer, it is perfect for storing items of various sizes. The ergonomic handle also allows for comfortable handling to and from work sites!

Contico Step Stool Storage Box & Tool Boxes

Contico Step Stool Storage Box (Left) and Contico Toolbox (Right)

Ideal Uses: Tool box for electricians, builders, plumbers, etc.

As the sole UK importer of the popular Contico boxes, Solent supplies these extra-long storage heavyweights. Made from tough and heavy duty materials that are resistant to most chemicals, they are a popular choice for rugged environments. The deep storage capacity also includes a removable tray with 1 XL and 3 small compartments; which can be used to sort any small items.

Step stool storage boxes work as a multipurpose mounting block in equestrian facilities, while at the same time serving as an invaluable storage solution.

MAX Cases

Ideal Uses: Case for costly gadgets and equipment

Just like the Magnus range, the MAX protective cases make the ideal storage for high value goods. If you have security issues, then these cases are the perfect choice! They come with four double throw latches and four lockable holes.

As if these features weren’t enough, the cases are also supplied with 2 sheets of pick and pluck cubed foam — preventing damage to the contents, even when on the move.

You can trust that our portable plastic storage boxes will never let you down! With all your enquiries, please call 01794 514478!