Practical uses for plastic buckets

We’ve got buckets galore at Solent Plastics and they’re handy for so many uses, our products come with re-sealable lids and this offers airtight protection for a variety of contents.

 Most people use buckets for the transfer of liquids, with a little imagination though, this type of receptacle is really handy for other uses too.

Here are some examples.

Use a bucket as a...

Temporary ashtray  

Prevent people stubbing cigarettes out on the floor and reduce the risks caused by fire hazards. Fill a bucket with sand and it makes a good temporary ashtray for outdoor events.  

Go camping, throw a barbecue or spend time together at any kind of outdoor setting and a bucket filled with sand makes a brilliant temporary ashtray.


Plastic buckets make really good outdoor planters. Cut holes in the side and plants creep and weave their way through the apertures, place the tub on the patio and it looks pretty when filled with flowers.

Fire safety tool

Planning a firework display? Take sensible precautions and have a bucket of water or sand on standby, you never know when a spark or a flame could cause a few problems.

Fill a bucket with water and you have a sensible safety precaution on standby ready to extinguish unexpected flames.     

DIY accessory

Want to change the look of your home? Why not paper those walls? Fill a bucket with paste, set up a papering table and see how good your DIY skills are.

Paste buckets are a handy accessory when you are wallpapering at home. Don’t forget to buy a decent brush paste brush at the same time.  

Pet food container

Where do you keep that kibble? Fido likes fresh food so a plastic bucket with an airtight lid is a good option to keep in your kitchen.

Prevent pet food from spoiling. Top up a bucket with doggy’s favourite din-dins then simply scoop the food out when it’s time for them to tuck in.     

As you can see, there are tons of uses for plastic buckets and we’ve got stacks of containers in stock at Solent Plastics.