Practical ways to use plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage boxes are so useful for countless home or office applications and the good thing about them is they are so hard-wearing and long-lasting. Buy a plastic storage box and it’ll last for years and you can swap and change its usage as much as you like over the years. This article examines a number of uses for plastic storage boxes so read on for a few tasty storage tips.

  • Utility room storage: Where do you keep all your laundry supplies at the moment? If they’re scattered around the utility room that’s not a very efficient system. Keep them together inside a plastic storage box and you’ll know where everything is on laundry day. Don’t stumble around trying to find detergents and softeners, pack them in a box and remove those wash day blues.
  • Garage storage: Got a garage full of clutter? Tidy up the interior and place tools, screws, car washing materials and general items inside plastic storage boxes. Rack and stack the boxes on top of each other and you can stick labels on the front that tell you what’s inside every box.
  • Under bed storage: Daren’t look under bed because you are frightened of what you might find? Don’t live life like this, place all those shoes, handbags and glossy magazines inside narrow depth storage boxes and slide them back under the bed. Just pull out one box at a time when you need something and prevent your bedroom from becoming an eyesore.
  • Toy box: Get the kids involved in a clear-up campaign and use plastic storage boxes to house all their toys and games. When they are done playing for the day spend ten minutes together putting everything back in a box.
  • Camping box: Pack the tent in the trunk of your car and use a plastic storage box to house a few kitchen essentials when you go camping. Fire up the stove on site and you can reach for your plastic camping box and lay your hands on knives and forks, packets of tea, jars of coffee, tins of food and any condiments that you want to take along. 
  • Extra kitchen storage: Your kitchen may boast a variety of different sized kitchen units but they are next to useless unless properly stacked and utilised. By using smaller plastic storage boxes within your cupboards you can make use of the height of the cupboard as well as the width, and sealed plastic boxes can also help to keep products like rice, pasta and porridge oats as fresh as possible.