Presenting Our Marine & Waterproof Storage Range

Year after year, Solent Plastics continues to innovate our plastic storage products and services for every possible industry and environment. Our research into our clients’ requirements helps us to ensure that we develop the most suitable storage solutions for their needs.

With the UK’s Marine and Maritime industry being among our valued clients, we have learned to adapt to the needs of similar industries – further expanding our storage products from mere boxes, to kegs, drums and protective cases.

Our Marine & Waterproof range can be categorised into: Water Resistant Boxes & Storage Trunks, Waterproof & Airtight Storage Kegs and Portable Protective Waterproof Plastic Cases.

Water Resistant Boxes & Storage Trunks

Popular with Superyacht Manufacturers, Offshore Wind & Renewable Energy Contractors and Maritime Intermediaries, our water-resistant boxes and trunks are made to secure your GPS, comms, safety gear and other emergency items by protecting them from the water.

Iris Clear Plastic Storage Box

Often used in households, our Iris plastic storage boxes are also widely used for industrial purposes. Since they are made to be airtight and weatherproof; they are proficient at keeping water, dust and other harmful elements from penetrating the containers – ideal for valuables and important documents.

Waterproof & Airtight Storage Kegs

Our airtight and waterproof range of kegs and drums are constructed to the highest standards. Commonly used in water-related activities, they serve as great Storage Barrels or Darren Drums.

Round Plastic Storage Keg

For the safe storage of solids and pastes, these round kegs feature an O-ring rubber gasket which is UN-X approved – ideal for all food applications. Constructed from 100% HDPE, this can withstand even the toughest handling and the most challenging environments.

Open Top Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Drum

Manufactured from pigmented blue food grade polyethylene, this UN approved plastic storage drum is built to be chemical resistant – suitable for carrying solid and extremely hazardous substances.

Portable Protective Waterproof Plastic Cases

All our waterproof plastic cases proudly feature an IP67 waterproof and dustproof seal; guaranteeing safety when storing your precious electronic gadgets - GPS units, GoPro, DSLRs, tablets, smartphones and laptops.

IP67 Rated MAX Plastic Protective Grip Case with Convoluted Foam

The MAX grip series can be submerged under 1 metre of water in accordance with the IP67 testing parameters. Incorporated with the best design features to date, this protective case also ensures the safest storing capabilities for your expensive equipment and hi-tech instruments.

IP67 Rated Plastic Camera Case with Foam Diver Inserts

Aside from offering the best affordable protection for your delicate camera equipment, the MAX Camera Case also boasts other fantastic feature designs like padded adjustable straps, load tested soft grip handles and an automatic pressure release valve.

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