Quirky uses for plastic boxes

At Solent Plastics we like to cater for all eventualities and we’re pretty confident our range of boxes caters for every type of scenario you can think of. To prove this point we’ve thought of quirky ways to use our products, instead of sandwich boxes, use plastic boxes in these imaginative ways instead.

·         Paperclip storage – Always scrabbling around for paperclips at work and never seem to find them when you’re in a hurry? Fill a small plastic box with these handy features, clip the lid down and the paperclips aren’t going anywhere until you want them to.

·         Hair clips and bunches – How many times do you try to match your daughter’s bobbles up only to find one half of the set is missing? It’s the same with slides and other haircare products, they seem to have a mind of their own and regularly go AWOL when you desperately need them the most. Prevent this from happening by placing clips, bunches and slides inside a plastic box, store it in a safe place and messy hair becomes a thing of the past.

·         Felt tip pens – If your house is anything like our homes at Solent Plastics your little one will go through felt tip pens like there’s no tomorrow. Felt tips have a habit of drying up when not in use, lids work loose and pens get wasted when there’s really no need. Pop them inside a plastic box, use an airtight seal and keep pens fresh and good to go.

·         Cotton reels – How’s your home sewing kit looking? If you struggle to find needle and thread for emergency repairs it’s time you created an easy access kit. Store cotton reels, needles and sewing essentials inside a plastic storage box, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our store at Solent Plastics along with ample amounts of other boxes that are ideal for a range of tasks.