Royal Wedding Street Party Celebrations

Everyone loves a wedding, and when Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle tie the knot on 19th May, the whole nation will be following the great British tradition of holding street party celebrations.

The royal couple will be getting married in St George's Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle at midday. Following the ceremony, they will travel through Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage at 1pm on a route that takes in Castle Hill, Kings Road and Albert Road before heading back to Windsor Castle.

Thousands of well-wishers will be lining the streets to Windsor, as the royal procession winds its way through the town. A royal wedding always spurs a flurry of British patriotism, and thousands of flag-waving fans will surely be cheering the royal couple on their way.

For those people who don't live in the south of England, there will be plenty of celebrations going on in every corner of the UK (and abroad) on the big day. The wedding is being televised across the world and in the United States many hotels are providing their own royal-themed entertainment.

In the UK, pub licensing laws are being relaxed in honour of the event, staying open until 1am on the eve of the wedding and also on the big day.

Street parties have always been a traditionally British way of celebrating royal events. Who could forget the Queen's silver jubilee in 1977, when street parties were held across the nation? Bunting and flags decked the streets and the public enjoyed cream teas, sandwiches, tea and cakes.

Everyone can get involved in a street party to celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding. It's a great family event that people of all ages can enjoy and it’s the perfect time to get to know your neighbours and foster some community spirit.

Street parties were held all over the country to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011, and street party fever looks set to strike again when Prince Harry and Meghan tie the knot!

The key to holding a great street party is in the planning, and one of the most important things to do is apply for permission with your local council if it's going to be a big event. Smaller private parties that won't affect the traffic may not need permission, but it's always best to enquire to be on the safe side.

When planning the food and drink, if you intend to sell alcohol at your event you will need to apply for a temporary events notice, which is available for a small fee from your local authority - this isn't needed if the alcohol and food are provided free of charge.

In terms of entertainment, you can have a DJ or play live music without a licence if it's a small private party for the local residents - and not a major event aimed at pulling in crowds for profit!

Don't forget the decorations. Bunting is a must - it's synonymous with British garden parties and patriotic celebrations. You can even make your own as a community activity, using fabric or plastic card and applying decorations. Add Union flags and balloons for extra colour.

You could organise a raffle or tombola. As long as the prizes aren't valued at more than £500 in total, you don't need to register it with your local authority. Don't forget the tables, folding chairs and even a gazebo or small marquee, in case of rain. You could also organise children's activities such as fancy dress, face painting and party games.

Try to cater for all tastes in terms of music, entertainment and food and drink - and remember, don't get too loud, or let your street party go on too late.

When you're planning a street party, ensure you have suitable containers to carry and store the food and drink, such as Solent Plastics' food storage boxes and catering bins and plastic bottle storage crates.

To ensure your royal street party is a huge hit, you should also make sure you have enough large capacity storage boxes and trunks to transport other items, such as the decorations and crockery!

Everyone at Solent Plastics is very excited about the royal wedding, and we would like to wish the happy couple a very long and happy life together.

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