Safety tips for jerry cans

Want to store fuel safely? We have the ideal solution at Solent Plastics! Whether you are going camping, like to off-road in a 4x4 or simply want to store petrol for your lawn mower, our 5 litre plastic jerry cans provide all the protection you need.

Before you rush into buying a jerry can though, spare a thought for safety and consider all of these factors.  

How are you going to fill the jerry can?

The best place to fill a jerry can is your local petrol station, make sure the container has a screw lid, it’s in good condition and you don’t try to overfill the can to prevent a spill. Ensure the lid is screwed shut nice and tight, and safely stow the fuel in your vehicle making sure it doesn’t tip over.

Place in a well ventilated area

Wherever you decide to store your jerry can of fuel the container needs to be kept in a well ventilated area. Fumes from fuel are overpowering, avoid this by making sure your garage or shed has plenty of ventilation, small, enclosed areas should be evaded at all costs.      

Keep the area secure

Check the locks on the area where you plan to store the fuel. Are they secure? Think about updating the locks if necessary. Prevent pilfering or potential danger caused by vandals, lock that fuel away and keep it safe.  

Do you have water handy?

Take care when you are topping up a petrol powered mower from a jerry can. Have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water close by just in case there’s a spark. Have some means of extinguishing a small fire, you can’t be too careful when there’s fuel around

Use a spout

Be mindful when you are pouring fuel from a can too. Pour straight from the jerry can and fuel can slosh everywhere. Screw a spout to the top of the can and this gives you greater control, pouring is more precise when you use an attachment.

As long as you take sensible precautions with a jerry can from Solent Plastics it makes a wonderful fuel receptacle.