Scuba Airtight Black Boxes The Perfect Storage for your 3D Printer Filaments

3D printing is becoming THE thing for businesses and even for personal use – as it provides a fast and convenient way to create three-dimensional images. With various filaments available, 3D printers are a cost-efficient way of printing compared with traditional machining.

3D prints can be affected by the humidity that is contained within the filament. Invisible to the naked eye, it is possible that you may have attributed poor quality prints to other more obvious factors, such as your settings… when all along the culprit was a humid filament - they have an inherent quality that will make them attract water molecules from their surroundings.

Although there have been various attempts at 3D filament storage solutions, most are either too bulky, too slow or they consume too much energy. Well not this one! Ultimately, filaments need to be stored in a sealed box otherwise they will attract water from the air – this will cause brittleness, diameter augmentation, bubbling, degradation, breakages, etc. All or any of these issues will inevitably cause complications during the printing process, although the degree to which the filament is affected will greatly depend on its type.

Solent Plastics has the perfect plastic storage solution.

Our Scuba Airtight Black Boxes

Get it here: 43Ltr Scuba Box Medium Black Water Resistant Stacking Storage Trunk


  • Made from heavy-duty impact resistant polypropylene
  • 4 point hinged/detachable reinforced lid
  • Ergonomic soft touch rubber handles
  • Comes with an insert tray
  • Stackable; can also be nested into each other when empty
  • Can be reliably stored in damp conditions

Key Features:

Why are our Scuba Boxes so right for your 3D printer filaments…?

Airtight Seal

3D printer filaments should be stored in dry conditions. With Scuba’s hermetic airtight seal, this guarantees that your filaments are protected - to assure optimum performance and top-quality prints.


Being the only water-resistant stackable trunks in the UK, our scuba boxes reliably protect your filaments from damp or moist environments (unless submerged in water).


With a high quality, professional look these heavy-duty boxes are multipurpose and can accommodate your other printing components. Coming in three different sizes, your printing accessories will be easily accessible from one safe storage solution!


Without compromising on quality, Solent Plastics’ dependable range of Scuba Airtight Black Boxes will meet your specific needs without breaking the bank.

Clients who have already tried the Scuba Boxes have been more than impressed!

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