Solent Plastics AUER Lidded Boxes for Various Industries

If you are looking for a heavy duty plastic container that can be used for multiple industrial applications, you might want to check out Solent Plastics’ AUER Attached Lid Containers.                                                                                                            

Made of tough materials such as polypropylene, HDPE and hardwearing plastics, these robust plastic containers are widely used as distribution boxes – protecting the contents from extreme temperatures and other harmful elements. Various industries take advantage of this range, including:

Internal Warehousing

In order to facilitate best-practice internal warehousing, it is important to choose an appropriate storage container that can assure full optimisation in internal operations, processes and storage systems. Since the AUER Attached Lid Containers are highly stackable, whether opened or closed, they guarantee stability when used in operations.

Storage systems for internal warehousing will benefit from:

  • Less space requirements in warehouses
  • Significant performance in distribution centres
  • Lower energy consumption for internal logistics

Manufacturing Storage

Manufacturing facilities run like clockwork when they have dependable heavy duty containers that promote storage, distribution and order picking – to keep things easy and on schedule.

Featuring smooth sides and bottoms, the AUER plastic containers are fitting for automated conveyors and with an ergonomic handgrip design, they also allow easy and effective manual handling.


When you have reliable plastic containers, you can be assured that business operations will be on-point and on-time. As the AUER Attached Lid Containers ensure the safety of your contents’ delivery and the integrity of your cargo, you can focus more on your core business.

Hazardous Goods


The hazardous and dangerous goods industry often requires a solid storage solution to effectively manage a wide range of agrichemicals, toxic and eco-toxic substances. Substandard or inappropriate storage options can cause spillages that may harm the user, the business or the environment – or all three!

Equipped with attached lids, AUER plastic containers close securely to protect the contents from dust and damage. They also prevent the potentially harmful contents from spilling.


The automotive industry dictates working in oily, greasy and dirty conditions. The storage of car parts, tools, waxes, paints and auto body fillers can also be troubling, as they tend to get lost or spilled when not stored properly.

Coming in various sizes, the AUER plastic container promotes the proper organisation of automotive products and other equipment so it is safe and to hand.


More than the convenience they provide, AUER containers also boast in the following specs:

  • Best value for money compared to other ranges on the market
  • Heavy duty polypropylene construction
  • Robust lids that are stackable when closed
  • Stackable into one another with open lids to save space
  • Smooth sides and base for easy handling
  • Manufactured from food grade, recyclable polypropylene

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