Solent Plastics Exciting New Product Releases

Solent Plastics will soon be adding three new products to our website that are not available anywhere else in the UK! They are already very popular in the European market and we will be importing them in from Germany to sell exclusively to our UK customers.

Among the main benefits of our innovative new ranges is their visual appeal - as well as offering excellent storage facilities, these boxes will enhance the interior design of any home/office.

Krinkle bag

The Krinkle bag series fuses a unique design with a high-quality material to create decorative storage in your home. This is a box with the WOW factor! Not only does it stow away everyday items, it is also a fashionable and decorative accessory.

Sold individually or in packs of three containing one of each size, the Krinkle is available in various colour options and in three sizes. It is such a clever and creative design. Choose from white, black, lime, transparent, paper bag, light grey, blackberry or turquoise to complement any décor. Sizes include small (1.3-litre); medium (6.7-litre); and large (19.7-litre).


Available in two colours - a white body with a black front or a white body with a transparent front - the Plusbox is an online best-seller in Germany. No surprise there, since this storage solution is easily transported as a space-saving, folding box and it can also be expanded at home to transform it into a functional and decorative storage facility.

A modern modular storage solution, the Plusbox is ideal for the home or office as it's extremely versatile. Featuring opening flaps at both ends, the options for using this stackable, collapsible box are endless - they can be stacked up to 15 high, so they can be used to create a stylish piece of furniture in minutes. The top of each box has built-in connectors to link them all together, so a large and reliably sturdy unit can be built - without having to fix it to a wall.

Folding box - wooden style

The new folding box in refined wood is not only a practical storage solution for home or work. With its mature, natural design it's also an attractive piece of furniture in its own right! Available in sizes 40cm x 30cm x 16cm and 60cm x 40cm x 19cm, it will suit a variety of uses.

Great for transporting items and also stackable, the folding box is particularly user-friendly thanks to its intelligent folding mechanism. Easy and hygienic to clean and resistant to different environmental influences, it is indeed a practical way to store your fruit or vegetables at home. Alternatively, you can use it as decorative accessories box or as a means to transport items to prevent breakage. How you use this modern, contemporary box is limited only by your imagination! Thanks to its neutral tones, this natural design and high-quality material is compatible with any décor.

With our fully functional and visibly appealing storage range, organising your home or workplace can be a pleasure rather than a chore. All of the products complement each other and you can create a whole range of storage solutions that will look classy and contemporary.

Watch this space to find out how you can order this exclusive range of new products from Solent Plastics!