Solent Plastics for High Density Mobile Storage

When it comes to workplace or warehouse organisation, maximising space is a crucial consideration. One of the most efficient ways to save space, high-density mobile storage or shelving is a cost-effective solution that will enable you to double up on your storage capacity.

Store More in Less Space

The traditional shelving approach can be quite space consuming and as storage items and supplies increase in number, you are eventually going to run out of space. High-density mobile storage can solve this problem by compacting storage and eliminating fixed aisles or shelves.

Using the lateral, manual, mechanical-assist and electrical mobile carriage systems, shelves can be moved from side-to-side or backwards and forwards

Lateral Carriage System

Ideal for medical records and supply storage environments, this allows access to rear row items by pushing the mobile shelving units to the side.

Standard Manual Carriage System

This type of system eliminates the unnecessary aisles between each shelving unit so that it can increase the floor space by as much as 50% - commonly used for light-to-medium weight filing and retail storage applications.

Use Existing Shelving Units and Plastic Storage Boxes

No need to worry about disposing of your existing storage shelves and boxes; you can easily adapt them into the high-density mobile shelving system! Solent Plastics’ multi-tier shelving units can be mounted onto rails - they move easily for maximum space efficiency.

Easy Access to Files and Other Items

This mobile shelving solution stores all files and items in one space-efficient area. It can also keep items close and accessible within a few feet of each other. This storage solution can help improve productivity as access, filing, storage and retrieval of files or items is made quicker and easier.

Solent Plastics Can Fit Right In

You can easily incorporate Solent Plastics’ multi-tier shelving units and drawer storage units into the high-density mobile shelving. Since you will be needing some plastic boxes, trays and other storage containers to fit this setup, we highly recommend you pair your shelving units with our Euro containers, stacking storage trays and transparent UniBoxes – perfect for easy item identification and retrieval.

Solent Plastics’ Top Picks

Here are our suggested products for your High-Density Mobile Storage System:

  • Solid Plastic Shelving Unit

Get it here: Extra Deep Heavy Duty 5 Tier Solid Plastic Shelving Unit – 80KGShelf

  • Drawer Tower Storage Unit

Get it here: Hercule 5 x 25 Litre Plastic Drawer Tower Storage Unit

  • Storage Box Tray

Get it here: 15 Litre Euro Plastic Stacking Container / Stackable Shallow Storage Box Tray

  • Euro Storage Container

Get it here: 20 Litre Euro Plastic Robusto Storage Container

If your office filing area or warehouse storage system needs a revamp or even a rethink; maybe it’s time to consider the high-density mobile storage solution! Used in conjunction with Solent Plastics’ high-tier shelving units and other plastic storage boxes, you could make life a lot easier for yourself. Call 01794 514478 and employ our plastic storage solutions to fix those uncrowded and unorganised spaces!

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