Solent Plastics' Other Products

Solent Plastics has long been known as a quality storage box provider. Some of you may not be aware but we also provide other products aside from quality plastic storage boxes:

Waste Plastic Bins

Suggested use/s: For waste segregation in stores, hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants, etc.

View the whole range here: Recycling / Segregated / Waste Plastic Bins

Our waste plastic bins encourage eco-friendliness through waste segregation. Available in different colours and in interlocking and mobile alternatives, you are assured of easy and effective waste disposal and segregation - they can also be used as storage bins!

Interlocking types also come with a set of recycling stickers for easier coding of the bins.

Mini Ladder Step Stool

Suggested use/s: As a portable horse step in equestrian facilities

Buy it here: Curver Foldable Mini Ladder Step Stool / Equestrian Mounting Block

This foldable step stool is really popular for equestrian use (as a horse mounting stool). It may be small but it actually has a 150 kg load capacity - it is also the cheapest (some sell them for up to £45) you can find in the UK at £28.55 including VAT… what a steal!

Cable Tidy Box

Suggested use/s: As a charging station in offices and schools; as a cable box for wires behind TVs or computers 

Buy it here: The Ebox Long - Cable Tidy Box - Extension Wire Charger Storage Organiser Dock

Tangled wires do look a mess and if for any reason you need to unplug one of your devices to move it to another location… well!! Our cable tidy box might be just what you are looking for.  

This organiser dock is basically a box that houses a 4-plug UK extension lead and with two large openings at both ends for multiple cables, this keeps unsightly wires hidden and organised. Made from a scratch resistant and anti-static material, the ventilation holes will guarantee electrical safety.

Storage Trays

Suggested use/s: As a divider for Really Useful Clear Plastic Storage Boxes (RUB)

View our offers here: Really Useful Compartment Clear Divider Storage Tray

Make the most out of your RUB by purchasing this insert tray to further enhance its efficiency. Available in 6, 12 or 16 partition alternatives, you can choose the perfect tray according to your needs.

We are proud to say that we are a plastic product provider that covers it all! If any of our offers piqued your interest, please call +44 1794 514478 to place your order. Your enquiries are also very welcome!