Solent Plastics' Products Perfect for School Use

Plastic storage boxes are not just for homes and warehouses – they are also perfect for school use. For untidy classrooms or staffrooms, you can always rely on plastic storage to get things shipshape and Bristol fashion! Our products are suitable for academic school equipment and utility tools.

Change the way you look at these plastic storage products by understanding their relevance within a school environment:

Colour Coded Rubbish Bins for Segregation Purposes

Buy it here: 50 Litre Square Swingbin Plastic Waste Rubbish Bin with Lid

Promote proper waste management at schools with the use of colour coded rubbish bins. Assigning a specific colour for each category makes it easier for schools to segregate their waste. Plus, it teaches students how to be environmentally responsible. 

Department Filing Shelf

Buy it here: Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 27 Assorted Colour A4 Trays

Files from every department can become a headache if they are not properly organised. With the help of this plastic storage shelf, you can assign a box to every academic department where they can store their documents.

Utility Storage Cabinet

Buy it here: Titan Multispace Cabinet - Water Resistant Outside Storage Cupboard Garden Locker

The school maintenance team will also require storage facilities for their supplies and tools. This multi-space plastic storage cabinet is water resistant and customisable to store items of different sizes and lengths.  

Learning Material Storage Bins

Buy it here: Mobile Classroom Storage Unit with 12 Assorted Colour A4 Trays

A slightly larger version of the filing shelf, these plastic storage bins are spacious enough to store learning materials in classrooms or staffrooms. You can separate text books, workbooks, charts and posters from one another and put them in each box (you can put a label on them) for easier access.

Classroom Storage Box

Buy it here: Set of 4 x Heavy Duty 50 Litre Open Fronted Boxes / Multi Functional Stacking Bins

Studies say that cleanliness is a contributing factor to a good learning environment. A plastic storage box assigned in each room will allow students to feel more motivated because of their clean and organised academic environment.

Never underestimate the flexibility of Solent Plastics’ products! Covering all sorts of plastic storage needs for different industries, our durable and sturdy products will surely come top of the class!