Solent Plastics Reely Good Fishing Storage

Here’s a baited question; why do men love fishing…?

While some like to keep it simple when they're planning a fishing trip - ask them what they need and they'll most likely say, “rod and bait”– others believe a fishing trip must be planned with military precision. I mean, did you hear what happened at Gateshead Metro Station? A hapless fisherman carrying crabs in a plastic bag saw them all escape as the bag split. He quickly fled from the scene, leaving the confused crabs scurrying around in all different directions. In September 2015, a video of the incident went viral - a lucky break for the crabs me thinks, as they were captured by a concerned metro cleaner and given sanctuary by the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth.

Proof indeed that you can never be too careful when storing the ‘catch of the day’!

A seasoned fisherman will consider everything, including warm waterproof clothing and footwear. He might even take his fishing rod, fishing line, bait and tackle… well if he wants to catch anything he will! The wise angler will also have with him the perfect storage for both his equipment and the fruits of his hard labour.

Bring in the boxes – because an organised and methodical approach is the key to fishing glory!

Bait Storage

Bait can be kept in an airtight plastic container, with a lid being an important consideration if you're going for the live stuff; you don’t want to wake up in the morning to find your worms have escaped overnight – there could be escapees all over the place, including the darkest recesses of your kitchen!

Although bait shops sell live worms they can be quite costly, so many people prefer to dig for their own – keeping them in soil filled containers to keep them alive. The 5-litre heavy duty, airtight plastic bucket is just the ticket, as you can keep a large quantity of worms with no chance of escape – even for the Great Houdini worms! Just remember to keep them in a cool environment prior to your fishing trip.

A word of advice; never be fooled into thinking you can leave the lid off your container. One worm-friendly angler believed it would be healthier if he left the container open overnight. He placed it on top of his tropical fish tank in a utility room. He woke the next morning to find an empty container – bar the soil. By all accounts, his tropical fish had enjoyed a right royal feast, as the worms had wriggled out of the box and slithered to their doom through a one-inch gap in the fish tank lid!

Fishing Rod and Tackle

Most carbon fibre, graphite and fibreglass fishing rods are strong enough to land a big fish but a simple nick can lead to them breaking. If you properly maintain your fishing rod, including storing and transporting it safely, this can extend its life.

The black water-resistant Scuba box is purpose-built to store fishing gear. With its 65-litre capacity and an airtight reinforced lid, it's ideal for storing your weapon of choice.

Keep your fishing lines safe in one of our clear plastic storage boxes – you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for, quickly and easily. These are suitable for for all marine environments and come in a wide choice of sizes.

What about the water-resistant marine dry box for all your odds and ends? The lift out tray is so convenient, giving you easy access to your frequently used items… and this box is built to last.

Other Fishing Equipment

If you're intending to make a day (or night) of it, you'll need a comfy seat to while away the hours. Of course, it's not possible to take your armchair in the average car but there are plenty of padded, durable, folding seats that can be packed in a compact fashion in your boot or on the back seat.

To keep her indoors happy (and for a quiet life frankly) our range of water-resistant storage trunks and boxes will provide ample storage facilities for your fishing equipment. With a capacity of up to 145 litres, they're so spacious that even the most luxurious seats and a fishing shelter can be conveniently packed away - the larger ones also have wheels so they're easy to move around.

Whether you're a casual fisherman or a competitive angler, don't be caught out with the wrong storage equipment - check out our ‘reely’ good plastic storage solutions!

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