Solent Plastics Tough-Enough Military Plastic Boxes

Out of our entire plastic storage range, nothing screams ‘ggrrr’ more than Solent Plastics’ military-grade plastic boxes! Dedicated to one of the toughest jobs out in the field, our Gorilla Storage Boxes and tough Military Plastic Trunks will surely pass muster for military storage needs and applications. “Forward march!”

Military Storage Trunk

Get it here: Plano Large Military Wheeled Mobile Plastic Storage Trunk / Padlockable Footlocker

Huge and sturdy, this plastic storage trunk is one of the biggest from our padlockable footlocker range. Solent Plastics is proud to present these boxes as the newest, strongest and toughest military storage trunk on the market – it is VERY popular with troops and private security staff. 

Featuring all-terrain removable wheels, it also has deep moulded handles for easy pulling and lifting.

Mobile Military Plastic Storage Trunk

Get it here: Gorilla Box on Wheels Mobile Military Plastic Storage Trunk / Padlockable Footlocker

“Shun!” Living up to its ‘mighty’ name, the Gorilla box boasts reliable toughness and functionality – invaluable to the British Troops assigned in Afghanistan. These trunks are cleverly designed to include an all-weather construction that can withstand even the harshest elements.

"Chimp Box"

Get it here: Chimp Box  - Military Plastic Storage Trunk / Padlockable Footlocker

This ‘mini-me’ and non-wheeled version of the tough Gorilla box offers the same features but with the added bonus of multiple tie-down locations and hanging file slots – perfect for terrain maps, classifieds and retrieved packages.

Strong and resilient, the chimp box also meets the US Airline size requirements - they are safe and suitable for use in the air!

Power Box

Get it here: Power Box Mobile Extra Long 170 Litre Storage Trunk with Wheels & Pulling Handle

For the box that just keeps on giving, nothing spells authority in the world of heavy-duty military trunks quite like Solent Plastics’ Power Boxes! Extra-long and extra strong, these trunks have an ergonomic flip-up handle, large wheels with metal axle, 100 kg load capacity and integral padlock loops – ideal as a tool and equipment box out on the field. 

These flexible boxes can also be used for construction, on boats and vehicles and even as a tack box for equestrian use!

KING KONG Storage Trunk

Get it here: King Kong Huge Weatherproof Mobile Wheeled Plastic Storage Trunk / Padlockable Footlocker with Extendable Handle

A real force to be reckoned and used extensively by the UK and American Forces, fire and police services; these trunks have a humongous capacity. 

Since they are manufactured from an impact-resistant advanced composite material, you can be sure they will never rust, dent or crack – ideal as storage for tools, military equipment, marine and agricultural supplies.

If you are looking for a plastic storage solution that can brave the toughest applications, call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478.Stand at ease!”