Spooktacular Craft Ideas for Halloween

It's coming up to the scariest time of the year, which means it's time to start making plans for kids' spooky activities. As soon as the giant bags of sweets arrive in the supermarket and creepy masks appear on the shelves, the season of ghost and ghouls has officially arrived.

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and better every year!

Halloween Crafts

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While All Hallows' Eve, as it's officially known, is a great excuse to let your imagination run riot when it comes to choosing a scary costume, it's also a good time to make some spooktacular craft items with the kids. Start early, so you'll be all ready for the big night on Thursday 31st October.

Read on to discover some of the best children’s craft ideas that you can make for Halloween!

Spider's web plates

Cut out the centre of a paper plate, leaving a circular hole in the middle. Colour in the remaining edge of the plate with crayons or paint, in spooky black for Halloween. Punch holes around the inner edge and make a spider's web by threading wool through the holes to criss-cross the space. You can use orange wool. Then, tie a large plastic spider to the "web". You can buy them from toy or joke shops. Your spider's web plate can be used as a creepy decoration.

Toilet roll mummy

The toilet roll mummy is an easy Halloween craft for younger children - it will look great among your Halloween décor. First, paint empty toilet rolls black and leave them to dry for a few hours. Draw some googly eyes, cut them out and glue them on near the top of the tube. Give the glue time to dry and then wrap the tube with strips of gauze, gluing occasionally to secure it. There you have your toilet roll mummies!

Beaded spider

You'll need black pipe cleaners, some small black pom poms, about 100 black beads, googly eyes that you can draw and cut out and some glue. Make sure the beads have big enough holes to fit over the pipe cleaners. Twist four pipe cleaners together in the centre to make the spider's body with eight legs. Thread the beads over the pipe cleaners to make the legs sparkly. Leave about an inch empty to bend up at the end of each leg - to stop the beads from falling off. Glue a pom-pom on top as the head and glue the eyes on.

Pumpkin apple stamp

This is one of the simplest craft activities for children. Cut an apple down the centre and use a small paintbrush to paint orange paint on to the flat surface. Carefully press it down on to white paper and you will find it makes a shape that resembles a pumpkin.

Let it dry and then draw or stick on some funny eyes. Cut up some brown pipe cleaners to make the pumpkin stalks and some green pipe cleaners to make the leaves, rolling them up. Glue them on to the top of each pumpkin shape, using simple craft glue.

You can make plenty of spooky Halloween pictures using this method.

The beauty of these craft ideas is that they don't make a big mess! No-one wants to spend more time cleaning up than they do making the craft items.

When you're making spooky Halloween crafts, make sure you store your materials properly - then you’ll know where everything is, and you can use it all again and again. Solent Plastics' inexpensive range of classroom storage boxes is ideal for both home storage.