Stack Attack: Solent Plastics' Range of Open Fronted Plastic Containers

Our open fronted picking boxes and bins are guaranteed to save you time and effort. Strong and practical, this ingenious stackable storage solution is suitable for domestic or industrial use.

Open Fronted Euro Picking Plastic Containers

This range of open fronted plastic products is really quite something! The Open Fronted Euro Picking Plastic Containers are made with robust polypropylene plastic – rugged and remarkably resistant to liquids and other harmful chemicals.

View the whole range here: Open Fronted Euro Picking Plastic Containers

Through extensive research, we fully understand the picking and supply chain requirements of various industries. With easy display, identification and access benefits, these boxes can improve the picking process in business and warehouse environments.


  •       Wide range of sizes: choose from 20-172 litres
  •       Wide front opening
  •        Moulded grips for easy handling
  •        Stackable
  •        Robust and durable
  •        Ideal for temporal or seasonal storage

Open Fronted Plastic Boxes & Bins

Providing a wide variety of open fronted boxes and bins, we can help you to organise various spaces – from a jam-packed warehouse to a small boutique.


As our open fronted pick of the month, let’s take a look at the Multi-Functional Stacking Bins:

Buy it here: Set of 4 x Heavy Duty 50 Litre Open Fronted Boxes / Multi-Functional Stacking Bins

  •        Pack of 4 multi-functional stacking sort bins
  •        Complete with colour coded lids in green, yellow, blue & red
  •        Ideal for different commercial applications
  •        Easy front access with or without the lid
  •        Nestable when not in use

Why are They Perfect for Your Storage Needs?


These products come in many sizes and are totally suitable for commercial or industrial use. No matter how big or small your business, we are sure to have a product to suit your needs and budget. 

Space Saving

The stacking feature creates space - making room for more stackable boxes! Featuring an open front, these multi-functional storage bins assure easy access to their contents, even when in transit!

Solent Plastics’ specialises in super-efficient plastic containers that make the most brilliant storage solutions. Call the plastic storage experts on 01794 514478 and start the New Year off on the right foot.