Supplementary Products for Your Plastic Containers

Solent Plastics has long been recognised as a core provider of plastic containers in the UK but we actually offer a whole lot more! 

Dolly for Euro Plastic Stacking Containers

Especially designed to fit European standard containers, this high quality euro dolly has a load capacity of up to 250 kg and is available in 2 sizes; 600x400 mm for medium containers and 800x600 mm for large containers. A handy little accessory, the dolly can be really convenient for warehouse, logistic or event use.

Loadhog Pallet Lid

No need to spend a lot of time wrapping pallets with the new Loadhog Pallet Lid! Through its robust plastic injection moulded lid, it is an efficient, low-cost and waste-free means of securing a pallet load of containers; that features built-in retractable, hooked straps with integrated tensioners - this also enables the double stacking of pallets, saving more space and increasing the load area by up to 50%.

Tamper Evident Security Seals

These seals snap once opened – which indicates that a container has been accessed before it reaches its destination. The security seals can be bought in bundles of 100, 500 and 1000.

Tamper Evident Sealing Strips

Tamper evident sealing strips can be added with the security seals for enhanced security benefits. These single-use seals need to be cut first to gain access to the main container - perfect for securing products in transit as they move through the supply chain.

Stacking and Perforated Plastic Pallets

Available in 2 varieties, these plastic pallets are made especially for static or mobile storage and distribution. Both are manufactured in high quality HDPE to ensure high load capacity and total stability, no matter how many containers need to be stacked. Unlike lightweight pallets, the heavyweight alternatives cannot be stacked – instead, they can be used for pallet racking.

Solent Plastics invites you to make the most out of your plastic containers with these functional extras – please call 01794 514478 to speak to a specialist, today!