The advantages of a crate hire service

There’s so much to organise when you are moving office and not enough time to get everything done. The hardest part of moving is the packing, it takes the longest and really will push your patience to the limit. A crate hire service would be useful at this time, it’s one of our specialities at Solent Plastics and rental crates have a number of advantages.

They’re strong – Rental crates are made from industrial strength materials which means your items receive the highest level of protection during the office move. Pack them carefully and the sturdy plastic crates will keep your possessions safe even if they are knocked about during their journey.

They’re safe – Plastic crates are great if you want to transport confidential documents or sensitive information. We can supply tamperproof seals for lidded boxes, place items inside, seal the lid and you’ll know if anybody has been trying to access your private paperwork.

They’re easy to stack – Once full you can stack plastic boxes on top of each other which saves space in storage or in the back of the removal truck. Crate hire is neat and effective, simply nest boxes when they are empty then place them on top of each other when they are full of your stuff!

You pick the hire period – The good thing about rental crates is you can hire them for as little or as long as you like. There are no minimum order requirements or a set time you have to keep them for. Just fill them up, move them about and empty them when you are ready, then call us up at Solent Plastics and we’ll come and collect them for you.

You simply give them back at the end – Once you have finished using rental crates you don’t have to worry about disposing of them. Use cardboard boxes and you have waste issues, plastic crates can be used time and time again.

If you are planning to move office in the future give us a call at Solent Plastics and ask for a low quote on commercial crate hire.