The Best Features of a Recycling Bin

Anyone with designs on purchasing a recycling bin for their home or workplace should consider a few core factors. Searching the marketplace you’ll notice that there is a wealth of recycling bins of different shapes and sizes. However, there are a few core features and factors that all consumers should look for before purchasing their recycling bin.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

The first decision to make is whether to place the recycling bin indoors or outdoors. Indoor recycling bins tend to be of a smaller size, however the most important factor to consider is the amount of recyclable waste that you intend to use the bin for – always choose a bin that’ll adequately support your recyclable waste.

Hardwearing Bins

Another important feature of recycling bins is their durability. There are few more frustrating feelings than purchasing a new product only to find that within a few short days or weeks that product no longer performs to the desired standard. Outdoor recycling bins shouldn’t fade or become damaged due to the elements.

Clearly Labelled

A recycling bin should be clearly labelled as such. This separates recyclable waste from non recyclable waste. The majority of bins feature separate compartments for glass, paper, plastics and other recyclable materials. These sections should be clearly visible – this encourages people (whether in the workplace or at home) to appropriately sort out their waste.

Self-Closing Lids

Self-closing lids keep insects and other unwanted intruders from entering the bin. These lids are highly affective preventing bees, ants and other pests from entering your home. Some animals can become a nuisance and open the lids so it’s always wise to be vigilant where possible.

Design and Colour

The last identifying feature of recycling bins is the colour of the bins. They need to be clearly distinguished from other bins so that consumers know where to place their recyclable goods.

Recycling bins are, today, more prominent than they’ve ever been. With more and more consumers becoming increasingly environmentally conscious products such as these have never held a more prominent place in our homes.