The Best Storage Units for your Gardening Needs

Gardening can be an arduous task – from the planning stage up to the final embellishments, it takes a lot of effort to reap remarkable rewards. With the aid of the proper gardening tools and equipment, you can significantly reduce your workload and finish your tasks in less time.

Innovate your garden organisation with the help of plastic storage bins and cabinets from Solent Plastics.

Benefits of a Garden Storage Unit

Other than providing convenient storage and security, our garden storage units offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Keeps the dirt and insects out
  • Can be repainted or restyled
  • Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes

Choosing the Best Alternative

Before you pick from our wide range of storage units, you may first want to consider the following factors:

What you’ll be storing

Garden tools aren’t just limited to small items such as shovels and hand rakes; consider the larger items like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers too.

How it will fit in your garden

Make sure there is enough space in your garden to fit everything in proportion – with a stylish and organised solution!

Storage Units Ideal for Gardens

Titan High Tall Cabinet

Titan High Tall Cabinet

Get it here: Titan High Tall Cabinet – Water-Resistant Storage Garden Locker

This storage unit is a towering model that has 4 adjustable shelves with a capacity of 30 kg each – perfect for tools of varying weights. With a built-in padlock loop, you can rest assured that your expensive equipment is safely locked away.

Titan Cabinets also have an IP43 rating which provides reliable protection against rain, weathering and other damaging elements.

Multi-Functional Garden Locker

Multi-Functional Garden Locker

Get it here: Multi-Functional Splash Proof Storage Garden Locker + Lift up Lid

Specially designed for garden use, this compact storage locker has a 25kg shelf capacity with one adjustable shelf that is easy to toggle and two door caddies for your smaller tools. The top can also be opened to serve as a surface for your potting and pruning projects.

For security purposes, it has a built in 3-point padlock system and can be affixed to a wall through its 3 mounting points.

Titan Garden Locker

Titan Garden Locker

Get it here: Titan 300 Ltr Water-Resistant Storage Garden Locker

More than its smart and sleek design, the Titan garden locker goes all out on security – as it has a ‘hand guard’ closure that enables the lid to close slowly and a built-in padlock loop for assured safety. Moreover, its quick assembly and anti-suffocation hole for ventilation (just in case your kids climb inside!) add to its convenience.

Buffalo Storage Trunk

Buffalo Storage Trunk

Get it here: Buffalo S Water-Resistant Large Mobile Wheeled Storage Trunk

They might look heavy but these storage trunks actually offer full mobility. Equipped with 4 large 110mm recessed wheels and moulded hand grips, they are easy to manoeuvre and can be lifted even when full. They can also be stacked and nested when empty to help save valuable space in your garden.

Perfect for your garden ventures, our storage units are ready to order! From plastic storage bins to garden lockers, our range of plastic storage units are a gardener’s best friend. Please call 01794 514478 for further information.