The Different Types of Home Recycling Bins

The amount of recyclable waste, generated by homes is vast. Paper, plastic, aluminium and glass can all be recycled. Appropriate recycling demands that various waste materials are appropriately sorted. Waste materials such as newspapers, paper bags, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and glass jars can be easily recycled. Some waste is harmful to the environment and as such cannot be disposed of in regular waste bins. It’s important to dispose and recycle these materials appropriately.

Here is a look at the different types of recycling bins, and what you need to do dispose of your waste effectively.

Waste Warrior recycling containers , Ecoload Recycling bins, and United Receptacles are three of the more prominent and high-performing recycling bins. Manufactured from high-quality durable materials, these bins are finished to the highest specification. Here’s a look at the range of recycling bins that can be used in the home for waste collection.

Rubbermaid Recycling Bins

Rubbermaid is a name that’s synonymous with manufacturing quality. Small sized rubber bins from Rubbermaid can be stored easily anywhere in the kitchen, whether under the kitchen sink, on a shelf, or in a wealth of different places. The stylish look of Rubbermaid recycling bins mean that they enhance the aesthetic appeal within your kitchen. Indeed, their atrium aluminium container, fibreglass and stainless steel containers are some of the most popular recycling bins available on the market.

Waste Warrior Recycling Bins

Waste Warrior Recycling Bins are perfect for use in a number of different environments. From the garden to the garage, kitchen or utility room, they slot effortlessly into any environment. Waste Warrior recycling bins offer a range of different colours to match the decor of your home. The indoor Millennium Warrior and Multilevel Warrior are ideal recycling bins have a large storage capacity and as such are perfect for commercial purposes

Witt Recycling Bins

Constructed with space efficiency in mind, Witt recycling bins are compact, yet provide optimal storage. Geotube recycling bins are rugged and manufactured from a fireproof material. They have separate sections for your disposables and are perfect for homes and offices with limited space.

These three recycling bins are the ones that are most common amongst consumers. When employed for use in a domestic environment, they offer superlative and efficient solutions.