The Ebox Cable Tidy Box: No More Tangled Wires!

Extension leads are commonly used in homes where there are only a few sockets for appliances and other gadgets/devices ? this can lead to chaos caused by messy wires!

It may not be the first time that you've encountered this problem and almost everyone has experienced this issue.?
More than the inconvenience it can cause, the outright danger it can imply is even more alarming.

Consider these tangled wires as an everyday nuisance. To avoid the issue altogether, use the Solent Plastics? Ebox Long Cable Tidy Box ? the ideal solution to organise and hide bunched cables. The benefits this little box can provide are endless: ?

#1: Hides Electrical Leads

Serving as a storage hideaway, this cable tidy box will surely keep the back of your television, computer and any other appliances and devices tidy by hiding electrical cords, PC and HDMI and other electrical cables. Plus, it has a stylish and sleek appearance.

#2: Ventilated Space

As all the wires, chargers and adapters are being concentrated into one small area you would be forgiven for thinking that the heat would be condensed. Our cable tidy box has a raised base with enough ventilation holes to prevent overheating.

#3: Dust Repellent and Clean Storage

Cable boxes are commonly placed in or behind appliances and other devices which means they are subjected to dust and dirt. Made from a good quality plastic material, the Ebox boasts greater dust repellent properties.

#4: Scratch Resistant

Designed for long-term use, the cable tidy box is made from an ABS plastic which is a scratch resistant and anti-static material.

Snarled cables, cords and wires can make any wire filled areas look messy. The answer is simple? the Solent Plastics? cable tidy box. To see the great features of this product and how it can be used, you may view our video here