The Great British Spring Clean 2018

Litter is a massive problem. It's estimated that around 2.25 million items of litter are discarded in the UK every day, costing councils a whopping £700 million to shift. Worse still, 80% of the litter at sea comes from the land, wreaking havoc on marine life.

With these alarming statistics in mind, a new initiative was launched last year by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, entitled the Great British Spring Clean.

Identifiable by its Tidyman logo, Keep Britain Tidy began life in 1960. Over the years, Keep Britain Tidy has been instrumental in tackling litter, creating initiatives such as the Blue Flag Award, Seaside Award, People and Places Awards, Eco-Schools and RiverCare. A branding re-launch in 2017 brought the Tidyman logo back to the charity's fore.

The Great British Spring Clean campaign was designed to bring communities together to do their bit to clean up our countryside, villages, towns, cities, parks and beaches. As well as ridding us of the problem, the campaign strived to change people's behaviour towards the disposal of litter.

The event proved a resounding success, with over 300,000 volunteers collecting more than 1,500 tonnes of rubbish, across 13,000 organised events. Volunteers felt empowered by the experience, with nine out of ten of them convinced they'd made a real difference to their local area.

Following on from these achievements, the Great British Spring Clean is back for 2018 - taking place during 2-4 March. This time around, campaign organisers are hoping to enlist half a million volunteers to take part in the nationwide litter clean-up event, giving them the moniker of #LitterHeroes.

The campaign has gained a lot of backing from a wide range of supporters, including local authorities, businesses, schools, community groups and charities. Many big-name high street brands are also behind the initiative, encouraging people to get involved.

One of the most high profile supporters is TV wildlife presenter, Steve Backshall. Steve knows only too well the harmful effects of litter pollution, having witnessed first-hand marine animals tangled up in, or choking on, discarded plastic.

Getting involved in the Great British Spring Clean 2018 is easy. Volunteers simply need to register on the Keep Britain Tidy website. They can attend an event that has already been organised or they can arrange one themselves by posting details online. There are resources available to help promote events, as well as a handy guide that covers everything volunteers might need to know.

So, what's going on where? As an example, Southampton residents might want to head to Peartree Green to take part in an organised litter pick - refreshments are thrown in! In Cambridge, The Friends of Cherry Hinton Brook have organised a clean-up of the local brook, with all kit provided. If you live in the Swansea area, Ravenhill Park and Penllergare Valley Woods are two locations that have litter picks organised. There are plenty more events nationwide to choose from.

Solent Plastics champions the Great British Spring Clean 2018 – we are great believers in responsible plastic product disposal/recycling. We also offer a wide variety of products that could help with your litter picking and recycling endeavours, including storage boxes and colour-coded waste bins. For further advice or product information, please contact us.

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Great British Spring Clean, and always remember to keep Britain tidy!

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