The Importance of Crate and Pallet Hire Services to a Wide Range of Sectors

There is a wealth of different sectors that depend on crate hire services to get their products to consumers. From food distribution to removals and storage, manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, and even automotive, local government and logistics the importance of crate hire services to a wealth of different industries cannot be understated.

Today, there are a number of different businesses up and down the UK that offer crate hire services. Indeed, from renting packing containers like bread and bakery trays to foldable containers intended for space saving, businesses depend on crate hire services for their business.

Buying crates can be a costly exercise in the long run. With the wealth of hiring crate hire services available, its little surprise that businesses are choosing to rent as opposed to buy crates for their business. Renting crates allows businesses to keep a firmer grip on their financial outlay. Indeed, sound business acumen dictates that spreading the rental cost of hiring crates over a prolonged period makes more sense that shelling out significant fixed expenditure all at once.

One of the primary benefits of choosing to hire crates is that the products that you can hire offer flexible solutions. They can be built with wheels for easy transportation, as well as other additional handling equipment that facilitates the ease of transportation.

Plastic crates have grown to be favoured more than their wooden counterparts. Used for the transportation of a wealth of different goods from milk bottles to produce plastic crates are designed for secure stacking and to be reused. Bottle crates are square or rectangular in shape, have interlocking features, are highly durable and easy to keep clean. They are primarily used for transporting dairy products and other beverages to retail establishments.

Wooden crates, on the other hand, are perfect for a wealth of different products – especially the transportation of potentially corrosive materials. When choosing a crate it’s imperative to consider the weight of the load and any storage solutions that may be applicable.

There is a choice of paper pallets, which are typically used for both lighter and heavier loads. These pallets can be engineered to carry increasingly heavier loads, if necessary. The additional benefit of paper pallets is that they can be easily disposed of, or recycled.

The importance of choosing the right crate or pallet cannot be understated. The right crate or pallet will allow you to easily store or transport goods in different environments.