The Key Benefits of Plastic Pallet Boxes

More than being space-efficient and durable, plastic pallet boxes boast a number of benefits that make them a reliable storage solution for various industrial and commercial applications – particularly in logistics and the supply chain. With a striking impact on the efficiency of product handling, this helps to improve the whole logistics process.

Here are some of the notable benefits of plastic pallet boxes:

Easy to Transport

Specially designed for transporting, plastic pallet boxes are sturdy enough to prevent damage while maintaining the products’ quality. They are also equipped with fork entries, making them easy to manoeuver, load and unload in warehouses and on trucks. 

Environmentally Friendly

Since they are made from plastic, they create less waste as they are 100% recyclable – making them an environmentally friendly asset. Unlike wood, metal and cardboard pallet alternatives that are disposed of once used, plastic pallet boxes are more economical; a whole lot of other recyclable products can be produced from recycled plastic.

Clean and Hygienic

Plastic pallet boxes can provide hygienic storage for a range of industrial and commercial products including fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce. Compared with other variants, plastic won’t rust and it doesn’t attract fungus or termites – so it is safe for handling and storing all kinds of food.    

Low-cost Maintenance

Manufactured from a high-quality, scratch resistant material, plastic pallet boxes require little cleaning and minimum maintenance - simply spray with water through a hose and wipe down or leave to dry naturally.

Space Saving

The good thing about plastic pallet boxes is that they can be stacked securely – saving more space in warehouses or on trucks while in transit. This mechanism efficiently lowers transportation costs without sacrificing product quality; making the entire logistics process much more effective.

Durable and Sturdy

If we are talking durability, then plastic is the real deal! Plastic pallet boxes are often made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which is known for its extreme resistance to impacts, weathering and rotting. Made from a reliably resilient material, these boxes can be used again and again.

With a cohesive product design, they make the perfect transport storage solution to secure and protect different kinds of products, in both commercial and industrial environments.

Safe to Handle

No need to worry about harmful splinters, sharp edges or protruding nails; plastic pallet boxes are ergonomically designed to be safe for manual handling. This makes stacking, loading and unloading the boxes safer and easier for workers.

Pallet boxes that are safe to handle don’t only promote a healthy working environment, they also help to improve productivity.

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