The Mechanics Guide to a Storage Overhaul

Professional car mechanics and amateur self-taught gearheads have one problem in common –  storage!  As tools and engine parts come in many different shapes and sizes, storage is probably your biggest concern!

Solent Plastics’ tips to the rescue… plus our invaluable plastic storage solutions that will help you to organise your work area!

Keep Your ‘Friends’ Close

A mechanic’s tools are surely his most reliable friends; and it’s a real wrench when you have to grapple for those screwdrivers, bolts and other items when you need them right away. Confine everything to an easily accessible and transportable container – take a strategically placed plastic storage tray and the jobs a good ‘un!

Our Raaco Open Toolbox  is every mechanic’s dream. With a pull-out drawer that has 6 compartments in varying sizes, it’s perfect for the tools of the trade!

Put the Big Stuff Away

Tyres and engine parts littered around the garage? Our Heavy Duty Solid Plastic Shelving Unit might just be the answer to your prayers!  Make life a little easier on yourself and stash your bulkier items so you can walk around the workshop more freely… you might find you can get a lot more done.

Make the Space Work for You

It can get cramped inside a busy garage. Our Titan Low Cabinet will keep those engine parts, tools and other auto supplies conveniently stored and ready for use.

Solent Plastics’ toolboxes come in various shapes and sizes… and they will surely fine tune your garage space! For a job well done, please call 01794 514478. We’ll have you organised in no time.