The Night Manager

British author John le Carré has written a number of best-selling espionage novels - most notably The Night Manager in 1993. It was made into a highly-successful BBC1 television drama series in 2016, with a second highly-anticipated series in the pipeline. The first series was sold globally to 180 countries.

Nominated for 44 awards, it won 17 including three Golden Globes for Best Actor Tom Hiddleston, Best Supporting Actress Olivia Colman and Best Supporting Actor Hugh Laurie; Emmy Awards for music composer Victor Reyes and director Susanne Bier; and a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor Tom Hollander.

John Le Carre

Born on 19th October 1931, in Poole, Dorset, the author continues to write from his home near Land’s End in Cornwall, where he has lived for more than 40 years.

Novel synopsis

The post-Cold War espionage drama centres on former British soldier Jonathan Pine - now a hotel night manager - who is recruited as an intelligence operative working in Whitehall and Washington DC. He must infiltrate the inner circle of cold-hearted British arms dealer Richard Roper, who is protected by rogue former agents on both sides of the Atlantic.

The TV series

The plot of the television drama was updated for modern times - with one central character becoming a heroine rather than a hero, in the shape of British intelligence officer Angela Burr (played by Olivia Colman) and the Colombian drugs barons replaced by Middle Eastern warlords.

The Night Manager

Author le Carré admitted to having misgivings when he learned of the major changes that were being made to his novel to transform it into a TV series. The novel had been loosely based on his own experiences in his youth of working for the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service, in the days when female agents were a rarity.

He also said goodbye to the concept of villain Roper's luxury yacht - again based on his own experience of having been a guest on a rich man's yacht, the base of his empire. The TV series gave Roper his own island in the sun with a luxury villa instead.

Global success

For all his initial doubts, le Carré admitted that as he saw the script growing under the expertise of the Royal Shakespeare Company's David Farr, he realised he was feeling a buzz of excitement as the drama started opening up his novel in a way that he hadn't even thought about.

In particular, Burr proved to be a revelation as the no-nonsense secret service officer. The script saw Pine (Tom Hiddleston) being recruited by Burr to pull off the dangerous mission. She has been chasing Roper (Hugh Laurie) for years, mustering the drive to keep going despite many setbacks, some of which are from within her own agency.

Second series

The conclusion of The Night Manager was left open in anticipation of a second series. Widespread excitement followed reports that a second series was in the works but it's still firmly under wraps. As le Carré's novel didn't have a sequel, when Laurie was asked if he would return as Roper for a second series, he reportedly replied that as a second novel was yet to be written, in practical terms, this was the end.

However, Emmy-winning director Susanne Bier has since revealed that new scripts were "slowly being developed" by a team of writers, although they were worried about being able to conjure up the same magic a second time. She said the team very much wished to do a second series but it must live up to season one if it came to fruition.

Scriptwriter David Farr has stated he won't be returning but le Carré is said to be involved in discussions about another series. It is suggested that a new scenario will be created for Pine but no details have been revealed as yet.

Night Manager Solent Box

Solent Plastics is waiting with interest to see if a second series is produced, since one of our products - the RUB35 box - made an appearance in series one as a prop. Although it wasn’t the star of the show, the Really Useful 0.35-litre clear plastic storage box had a prominent role in this enthralling spy thriller!