The Robusto Range - The Economic, Industrial Strength Storage Solution

The Robusto range of tough, scratch proof stacking containers are now available solely from Solent Plastics!

These German made High Quality but Economic Containers offer practicality and space saving possibilities for storage and in transit.

Adapted for Euro and Standard Pallets, these are available in both 400 x 300mm and 600 x 400mm footprints.

Designed with lateral and longitudinal reinforcement, these boxes are both robust and exceptionally stable.

Made from high quality, food grade Polypropylene, these containers are also resistant to some acids and oils.

Drop on lids are also available for all sizes which offers additional content protection whilst still being stackable.

Tested by GS, Storage capacities can reach up to 60kg per box with the additional bonus of Ergonomic hand holes for easy lifting and carrying.

Cold and heat resistant temperature range of -20°C to 110°C, these boxes keep on offering the very best in quality and affordability.

These boxes really are perfect for so many uses: Industrial Storage, Motor Parts, Distribution, Warehousing, Archiving and Transportation. The uses really are endless!