The Small Parts Bins That Make a Big Difference

Storing an almost uncontrollable number of small items such as bolts, nails, screws and anything miniscule can be an overwhelming task – even more so than keeping bigger and heavier loads.

Solent Plastics provides the best storage solutions for these ‘small but demanding’ storage issues.

Open Fronted Picking Bins

Buy it here: Small Open Fronted Parts / Component Storage Plastic Order Picking Bin

The average DIY/hardware store has hundreds of small items such as nuts, bolts, rulers, nails, screws, etc. – they can become quite unruly if not confined to an organised plastic storage box!

Label them up and our heavy duty small parts bins - that have been specially designed to handle small parts and components - will allow for easier identification. With a distinct open front, this also allows visibility and easy access, even when they’re stacked.


Buy it here: 75 Litre Allibin Small Parts Storage Plastic Picking Bin

Ranging from 0.3 litres in size, our Allibins are a great little versatile storage friend. They are brilliant for organising small parts and components and ripe for easy picking - in manufacturing facilities, production processes, workshops and even at home.

One of the most notable features of the 75-Litre Allibin is its robust support bar that aids stable stacking – totally stable when slotted together or when clipped onto louvered panels, bench units or trolleys. 

Plastic Storage Dividers

Buy it here: System 9000 Plastic Storage 115mm Divider

Our system 9000 115mm and 230mm dividers are a very helpful add-on for our System 9000 blue ARCA shelf storage trays – made of a strong polypropylene transparent material, this optional extra is ideal for adapting frequently changing storage requirements… how clever is that?

Louvered Panels

Buy it here: Tall Galvanized Steel Louvered Panel for Small Parts Storage Bins

The small parts bins that will conveniently fulfil your plastic storage requirements can be further enhanced! Our functional Allibins can be secured to the wall using heavy duty louvered panels… the jobs a good’un!

Our wall mounted, galvanised steel louvered panels allow quick and easy access, flexibility and variation for your small parts bins – that can be hung in a wide range of configurations.

Pre-drilled fixing holes allow for easy installation and the boxes can be mounted to any stable surface - such as walls and work benches.

The best things come in small packages – or plastic storage boxes and bins! For all items, big and small; Solent Plastics can surely fulfil your plastic storage requirements!