The TOTEM Trunk Range - Incredible Features and a Plethora of Uses

Anyone with storage concerns at home, in the office or warehouse and even in the garden should consider our TOTEM Trunk Range; it is an economical choice that is suitable for many different uses.

Best Features of Totem

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Life would be so much easier and more convenient if you could depend on a storage trunk that was equally as useful outside in the garden as it was inside the house… it might not surprise you to learn that we might just know where you can get such a trunk!

Outdoor activities or simple relaxation in the garden can be so much easier with the Totem trunk – suitable for tools, books and other leisure equipment. Some of the Totem trunk variations can even be wheeled around to your favourite outdoor spots… now how convenient is that?


One of the most important features to look out for in a trunk is its durability. Made with polypropylene and other equally hardwearing materials, you can rest assured that these trunks are resistant to physical aggressions and chemical degradation. Even with continued use, this robust storage solution will guarantee years of unfaltering service.

Easy Labelling

Storage products should ideally be labelled for convenient access and easy identification purposes. Simply apply paint or stickers to your Totem trunks for branding purposes.

Secure Clip on Lids

With detachable and hinged clip on lids; this prevents bugs, the elements and liquids from entering the trunk. The moulded-in padlock eyes assure reinforced security.

Colour and Design

Black and red in colour, this characteristic makes the Totem storage trunk easy to identify.

Best Uses

Think the Totem trunk is limited to your home, garden or garage? Surely you can find more innovative ways to use these plastic storage trunks…? Here’s our take:

All Kinds of Food

Whether you are stocking up on pet food or on snacks for your camping trip, the Totem trunk will keep your supplies clean and edible. Simply divide your food into plastic bags or lunch boxes and then add them to the Totem… and you’re all set!

Children’s Toys and Other Stuff

Maintain the cleanliness and order in your home! Show the kids how to use the easy-to-use clip on lids and get them to tidy up after themselves – please note, these trunks do not promise any miracles!!

Automotive and Other Garage Equipment

Our huge storage trunks will make a world of difference to your equipment storage needs. From large vehicle tools to repair kits, the Totem trunk has it covered.

Transporting Goods

The durable and lightweight Totem trunks can keep all your bulky items safe and secure. Since this clever little storage solution is stackable, you can also free up some extra space.

The Totem Plastic Storage Trunk

Our 80 litre Wheeled Totem is surely the most economical big capacity trunk you will ever find. Offering the BEST value for money for the size, the wheels and moulded-in handle make it easy to transport!

Get it here: 140 Litre Wheeled Totem Plastic Storage Trunk


  • Trunks stack securely and conveniently nest one inside the other when empty
  • The reinforced honeycomb base provides added strength
  • 4 point detachable / hinged clip on lid with moulded in padlock eyes adds to the security
  • 4 changeable small roller castors assure easy mobility in different directions

Safety Tips when Handling the Trunks

Filling them Up

Fill the storage trunk in an orderly fashion… do not overfill it as this could cause it to break from the inside. Though the Totem trunk is guaranteed to be strong and durable, it still pays to be careful with your storage approach.

Keeping them Secure

Always check if the clips are tightly fastened and if you have padlocked the lid securely. Update the locks when required to avoid potential theft and other uninvited access to your items.

Once you have started using our Totem trunks, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. Solent Plastics… for the widest and most diverse range of plastic containers!