The Unique Features of Our Plastic Storage Boxes

Having specialised in plastic storage solutions for years, we have learned to innovate our products. Along with our growing range are unique features that have been beneficial across many different industries.

Our different plastic storage boxes comprise the following features:

Water Resistant & Weatherproof

We have a specific range that is ideal for marine and maritime applications. These boxes are weatherproof, so despite being subjected to wet and wintry weathers, personal valuables and industrial supplies will remain dry and protected. 

Distinctive Waterproof/Weatherproof Features:

Each storage box has its own unique waterproof/weatherproof features to protect its contents unless submerged in water.

  • Buffalo Storage Trunks

          Tongue and groove style closure on lid

  • Dock Boxes

          EPDM rubber seal under lid

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Boxes

          Water resistant rubber seal around lid

  • Portable Marine Dry Boxes and TIGABOXES

         O-ring seal that keeps contents dry


From left to right: Buffalo Storage Trunk, Transiter Plastic Storage Box, Scuba Box

Some of our plastic storage boxes are equipped with wheels for easier mobility. Useful in industries that deal with the daily transportation of goods/commodities, they are also purpose made to accommodate large capacities which is perfect for moving purposes.  


Airtight protection helps to protect against air, dust and moisture exposure. Commonly used in homes, this plastic storage solution is ideal for the safekeeping of documents, clothes storage and the protection of electronic devices, etc.

We offer two plastic storage boxes that provide airtight protection: the scuba box range and the Iris airtight plastic storage boxes - both are made to be weatherproof and are effective outside storage solutions (for garage, garden, camping, etc.). They may have different airtight seals but both alternatives provide an effective means of securing their contents.

  • Iris Airtight Plastic Storage Boxes

          The airtight polyurethane seal provides hermetic closures that provide the utmost protection - perfect for storing items with sentimental value.

Extra Large Capacity

As a supplier of plastic products to large industries, we usually offer boxes with enormous capacities. Just like our waterproof and airtight boxes, we also have a dedicated range of Big Boxes. 

From 75 litres to 205 litres, our big box range covers it all. Made with high quality plastic materials to handle heavier items, their huge capacity works best as storage for heavy equipment – perfect for military storage and freight shipping.  

Additional Box Features:

Our big boxes also have added features that make them excellent value for money:

  • PRO-TUFF Storage Boxes and King Kong Storage Trunks

          Made from an advanced composite material, these robust boxes do not rust and they are resilient to dents and scratches.

  • Power Boxes

          Power boxes are equipped with large wheels and pulling handles that make transportation easier, despite the heavy load. 

  • Gorilla and Military Boxes

          Deep moulded handles are paired with safety ventilation holes to make pulling and lifting easier.

We will continue to strive for better solutions, so watch out for more plastic storage box improvements in the future!