Things to Check When Shipping with Pallet Boxes

In the freight shipping industry pallet boxes are considered as an essential, affording maximum benefits with minimum risks.

A safe shipping process won’t be complete without going through the fundamentals, which includes the appropriate pallet box checks:

Standard Size

standard size pallet box

In Europe, the standard pallet box measurement is 1000 x 1200mm. Though there are no shipping limitations, identifying the size will help to determine how many pallet boxes (of same size or different sizes) can be stacked on a pallet.

Stacking Regulations

pallet stacking regulations

Pallet boxes should always be stacked evenly. This will help to maximise every corner of the pallet to make the most out of the available space. Avoid overhanging boxes to reduce the risk of being hit by other shipments.


pallet box label

Affixing a label to both sides of your pallet box will help the shipping company to recognise the boxes that belong to each particular person. This will also help in other situations such as lost or delayed shipments.

Additional tip: Never mention the contents of the pallet on the label. This can be described and indicated separately on the shipping documents to avoid being targeted by thieves.

Protection from Harmful Elements

pallet plastic wrapping

Despite not being directly exposed to the outside world, pallet boxes are still prone to hazardous circumstances while they are being loaded onto shipping containers. An additional line of protection, like plastic film or a custom-made load protector, will ensure that your shipment is delivered unspoilt.

Securing Methods

pallet wrapped with plastic wrap

To prevent your pallet boxes from being tampered with or stolen, always secure them by a suitable means. Stretch wrapping is the most common method, keeping your pallets tightly bound throughout the shipping process. It may also serve as a secondary protection against damaging elements.

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