Top Hiding Places for Christmas Presents

It's hard to believe it’s that expensive time of year again - many people are already starting to buy Christmas presents before the festive rush begins in earnest!

If you're buying gifts for children, never underestimate how devious they can be when the excitement becomes overwhelming and they decide to carry out a sneaky house search.

Studies have revealed around two-thirds of kids have admitted to looking for their presents before Christmas Day. Even if they're not deliberately looking, there's always a chance they will stumble on them inadvertently.

Imaginative parents are coming up with top hiding places, so the kids won't think Santa's come early!


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A survey of 1,000 parents of six to 15-year-old children revealed around 90% of them put a lot of effort into finding a good hiding place. Yet 24% of their offspring had still found their presents before they had even been wrapped!

A further 12% said the kids had found the parcels all wrapped up before Christmas, but hadn't been allowed to open them until Christmas Day. The remaining 64% managed to find fool proof hiding places!

So, where are the safest hiding places to squirrel away the goodies this year?


Most parents' favourite hiding place is still on top of the wardrobe. Used by 28% of respondents, in most cases, it's too high for the kids to reach. A number of parents said they put smaller gifts inside innocent-looking boxes that wouldn't attract attention, before leaving them on a shelf inside the wardrobe. Around 9% of parents hid gifts in the bottom of the wardrobe, behind shoes or other items.


The second top hiding place is under the bed, favoured by 18% of parents. However, this is by no means infallible, as one mum found out - the kids had been up during the night and rushed in to tell their parents that "the fairies" had left them a lot of toys under the bed!

A divan bed can be a better option, as presents can be pushed to the back of the drawers and hidden underneath bedding or towels.

Garage or shed

Around 14% of parents thought the garage or shed was the best place to hide presents, as it was somewhere the kids would never think of looking, especially in winter, when playing outdoors was less likely due to bad weather.

A further 6% hid gifts in the loft – if you fancy this idea, put them in airtight storage boxes to keep them clean and ensure they aren't damaged by damp.


Around 4% of parents hide their kids' presents in a cupboard: the most popular choice is a kitchen cupboard where the cleaning products are kept, or in an under stairs cupboard where the vacuum cleaner is stored.

Parents are quite right in their assumption that this is the last place the kids will ever look!

Laundry basket

The same logic is applied to the laundry basket, where 3% of parents hide presents. They said they would never expect their offspring to do their own washing, so this was a safe bet. Another 3% said they stored presents wrapped inside blankets waiting to go in the wash - another place where their children wouldn't ever think of looking.

Chest of drawers

Parents are hiding smaller presents in their own chest of drawers in the bedroom - the logic being that the kids won't go rummaging in their parents' socks or undies!

Gifts such as small bottles of perfume, toiletries and jewellery are sometimes hidden in the toes of socks, rolled up and pushed to the back of the drawer.

Storage containers

Storage containers tucked away in the wardrobe, attic, cupboard or spare room are a great idea for hiding presents. Canny mums and dads label them "old magazines" or "DIY", so they don't look suspicious or interesting to the kids!

If you have more than one child, it's a good idea to put their presents in different-coloured boxes – this will help you to keep track of who has what.

Incidentally, it's not just the kids who go hunting for their Christmas presents - in the survey, by retailer Debenhams, 50% of women and one-third of men admitted to snooping around the house in the hope of finding their gifts – we’re all big kids at heart!

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