Unstacking Safety Reminders for Plastic Containers

For the retrieval of items in bulk quantities, unstacking is the opposite to stacking. Accidents can and do happen, such as collapsing containers – even with the help of handling equipment such as forklift trucks, conveyors and warehouse machinery.

Eliminate haphazard practices through these safety reminders:

#1: One Person-in-Charge

There should be an appointed point person who is charged with determining how the stacks are managed - this person will decide how to organise the unstacking process. They should also coordinate future deposits and organise their safe and orderly stacking.

#2: Tier by Tier

Plastic containers and other packages must be unstacked tier by tier to prevent any dangerous practices that will cause the whole lot to come tumbling down. Even if the container you require is at the bottom of the pile, you should remove the containers one by one until you reach the bottom.

#3: ‘Natural’ Fence

If a large pile of storage containers is supported by a natural fence with a periphery that is higher than the centre, that fence must be maintained during the unstacking process. Start by removing the containers, boxes or items around the centre and unstack the periphery area afterwards -  so it acts as a barricade for added safety.

#4: Other Fencing

Tubular or other types of fencing built around the stack must be dismantled and adjusted, depending on the unstacking requirements or when the pile has been dwindled down.

#5: Tidiness

Always maintain a clean and tidy working area to avoid tripping hazards and other accidents. Practice systematic stacking and unstacking methods for everyday storage processes.

#6: Travelling Cranes

Ensure proper signalling arrangements and lookout posts when people are working with overhead operating cranes. Make sure that people are ‘clear’ at all times.

Note: All stacking and unstacking processes must be performed under the supervision of competent or trained personnel.

Ideal Solent Plastics’ Products for Unstacking

Solent Plastics offers a wide range of plastic boxes, containers and other products that help to ensure best-practice unstacking methods. Here are our recommended picks:

Hinged Lid Euro Containers

Made with heavy duty polypropylene, Euro containers are suitable for transporting heavy loads. With vertical sides to assure maximum usable volume, their smooth flat base also facilitates silent movement on conveyors.

Equipped with built-in snap-shut lids, these clever little containers will keep the contents protected while promising maximum stacking benefits during transit.

Get it here: 45 Litre Lidded European Standard Plastic Container / Stackable Straight Sided Storage Box

Euro Plastic Container Dolly

Make stacking and unstacking easier with the Euro plastic container dolly. With a load capacity of up to 250kg, you’ll be able to move all those Euro containers no sweat! 

Get it here: Dolly for 800 x 600 Large Euro Plastic Stacking Container / Stackable Storage Box

Everyone will benefit by following our guidelines… access those plastic containers wisely! Call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478 for the ultimate in stack and unstackability!

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