Useful Storage Tips for Your Loft

While not all of them are suitable for storage purposes, the loft can be considered a great asset if you have access to the space and you can utilise it.

Moving around in what is sometimes a very restricted area can be a bit tricky and this can make any kind of organisation seem like a somewhat daunting challenge. That's why a plan of action is essential!

For the seasonal items

The garage is usually easier to access and this makes it a better place for storing the more frequently used items. Since the loft is rarely visited, you can save family heirlooms, keepsakes, decorations and any other items that you hardly use but cannot bring yourself to throw away.

Arrangement is the key

Don’t just pile things up! Rather, arrange your storage boxes and bins in rows perpendicular to the roof. When organising your storage, make sure you leave enough aisle space between the rows for easy access. For added convenience, labelling your boxes might help you to identify things at a later date.

Make repairs

Look around for signs of a leaky roof, holes in walls, rodent droppings, nesting birds and anything else that might pose a possible threat to the condition of your belongings.

Best choice for storage

When it comes to the loft, plastic storage boxes are the perfect solution. Unlike cardboard alternatives, our robust plastic storage solutions are airtight and water resistant… oh, and did I mention that some of them are even transparent, so locating your items should be a piece of cake!

Solent recommends: 90-Ltr Scuba Box Extra Large Opaque Water Resistant Mobile Stacking Storage Trunk

This multi-purpose storage solution is ideal in damp and humid conditions such as those that might be experienced in the loft. Known for its water-resistant features, our scuba box range has a hermetic airtight seal that will reliably protect your possessions, not just from water but also from other aggressions. Safety first: take the empty box up into the loft and fill it when it is in situ – heavy loads can be difficult and dangerous to manoeuvre.

Solent recommends: 18-Ltr Small Iris Weathertight / Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box

If you prefer to organise your storage into smaller boxes, our 18-ltr clear plastic storage boxes could be just what you need! With reinforced lids that allow secure stacking and a transparent feature that allows easy content identification, this makes space saving possible... and you should be able to lay your hands on what you are looking for without too much trouble!

Always remember, the type of access you have into your loft is also an important consideration – safety will always be a top concern for you and your stash.

For more storage tips and plastic storage product enquiries, you can call Solent Plastics on 01794 514478… because when it comes to storage, you can always rely on the experts!