What Makes Solent Plastics' Storage Crates Perfect for Bottle Handling?

In industries where bottle handling is prevalent, it always pays to make wise storage investments! Solent Plastics will assuredly end your fragile storage dilemmas with our exclusive range of commercial plastic bottle crates – the only range available in the UK!

Stronger and More Durable 

Made from High-Density Polyethelene (HDPE), our bottle crate range contains a high strength-to-density ratio – meaning, better protection for fragile materials such as bottled beverages. HDPE’s extreme durability can also resist cracking and splitting that can be caused by external elements. 

Greater Storage Capability

Damaged bottles during transportation will be a thing of the past – as our crates feature fixed partition walls that keep the bottles in place!

Easy Handling

All our bottle crates come with moulded comfort handgrips for easier handling. The handgrips are made to be more compact compared with other bottle crates on the market – allowing more convenient crate management.


Having been in the plastic storage industry for more than 30 years, we fully understand the importance of making our production and service costs more affordable. As we deliver large stocks all over the UK and even worldwide, we also make sure that we offer low import prices and pallet discounts.

Specific Design

We don’t just settle for a ‘one-size-fits all’ design; we treat every single product individually. Our plastic bottle crates are designed to suit their purpose – they can stand up to the rigours of a busy working environment.

Solent Plastics offers a vast range of plastic storage solutions that are suitable for all your bottle handling needs. Mine’s a beer if you’re offering!