What You Need to Know About Euro Stacking Containers

When looking for plastic containers for industrial or home purposes, you may have stumbled across euro stacking containers. So, what exactly is a euro stacking container?

To clarify things, here is a simple rundown of its specifications, uses and why it qualifies as the ultimate storage solution.

What are Euro Stacking Containers?

Since cardboard boxes have long been the traditional storage container, euro stacking containers were designed to change the storage game forever by being the first ever reusable plastic box that could be stacked one on top of the other.

As a breed of useful plastic storage boxes, a euro stacking container’s open box feature is probably its most notable characteristic. Its proportional top and bottom dimension makes it a perfect fit for euro pallets in the UK.

Having been around for about 35 years, these plastic containers have already proved how effective they can be in terms of long-lasting storage and flexible use.


Solent Plastics offers an unrivalled range of European Standard Plastic Containers with the following specs:

  • Standardised footprint on 400mm x 300mm, 600mm x 400mm, and 800mm x 600mm boxes
  • Vertical sides with reinforced corners and smooth flat bases
  • Heavy duty polypropylene construction
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Made in the standardised colour, grey

Industrial & Specific Use

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, euro stacking containers have an innate nature of being robust, durable and resilient, making them flexible enough to serve as storage and shipping means in different industries but particularly:


For sensitive electronic devices and delicate components, the Electro Static Discharge or ESD is available in a wide range of sizes.


Euro stacking containers make the perfect shipping containers for food products that are transferred from one area to another.


They are also an ideal means for transferring, stocking and storing grocery goods.

Additional tip: For grocery, food and produce industries, we recommend ventilated or mesh Euro containers. These boxes allow the necessary air flow.

These plastic containers are manufactured to be heat and cold resistant, as well as being the perfect material for storing acid or alkaline-based products – a beneficial quality that could be pretty efficient in any industry.

Why Go for Euro Stacking Containers?

Being a proud original of all plastic containers, euro stacking containers also boast numerous reasons why they are the real deal when it comes to plastic storage solutions:

Perfect for Palletisation

Ever since palletisation has become standard for storing and shipping, the need for storage containers that can go along with the concept has also increased. Since euro stacking containers are made to be stacked, this makes palletisation much easier.

Suitable for Every Industry and for Any Application

You don’t actually have to stop and consider where you can use these plastic containers.

Compact and Stable When Loaded

Made to be compact and stable even when they are loaded, they ensure the safe and secured storage and transportation of goods.

Effective Manual Handling

For plastic containers that are handled manually, it is essential that safety is promoted to avoid accidents. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handgrips, euro stacking containers can be easily and effectively handled without the need to worry about breakages or injuries.

Easy Access of Contents

Our range of open fronted plastic containers is warehouse friendly. Ideal for picking orders because the contents are openly visible, there is no need to open the container for further checks.

Choosing the right plastic container depending on its intended use can be confusing when you have a wide range of options. Put it this way, once you have used euro stacking containers, you will never look for anything else!