Why a scuba box is a dream for fans of camping

It’s that time of year folks, if you like camping it’s time to dig out the tent and give it an airing before you pack the car and head off to your favourite site. Camping is a good way to save money for families on a budget and if you are fully prepared and take all the right kit, your tent becomes a cosy, home from home.

Take one of our scuba boxes camping with you this year and it’s a practical ally that’s good to use in a variety of ways. Keeping items dry is often a problem when you go camping and the scuba box helps in this area, it’s particularly handy for storing the following items.

Clothes – The last thing you want on a camping trip is soggy socks and wet t-shirts so pack spare clothes inside the watertight scuba box. It’s a good place to keep towels and tea towels for the camp kitchen, locked inside the box anything made from cloth is nice and dry.  

Packets of food – Place cereals, pasta, tea bags and bread inside the scuba box and you create meals on wheels in an instant. Pack the contents of our camping kitchen inside the scuba box, it’s a good place to keep provisions free from moisture.

Plates and cups – Scuba storage boxes are great for melamine plates and bowls, use them to store cups and cutlery, the 90 litre payload is huge and it’ll swallow up everything you need to serve meals upon.

Torches and lights – Keep flashlight, lanterns and matches safe and dry, pop them inside the scuba storage box and when you arrive at the campsite you’ll be able to find your way to the ablutions block after dark.

Cookware and stove -   Store the camping stove inside a scuba storage box, the airtight/watertight container offers total moisture resistance so you know you can cook without having to clean or dry the cooker first. Place the stove inside the box along with a few items of cookware and everything remains clean and moisture free until it’s time to cook.

Happy camping!!