Clear Plastic Boxes

We’re thinking inside the box here! For quick and easy content identification purposes, our huge range of transparent storage solutions is a stroke of plastic storage genius.

Suitable for long or short-term use in the garage, attic, shed, (or even in the storeroom at work), our clear plastic boxes are easy to stack. With convenient moulded hand-holds they are versatile and user-friendly. There’s sure to be a box in our wide and varied range to suit your every plastic storage requirement. Read more on our Clear Plastic Boxes at bottom of page...

Now offering Clear Euro Stacking Containers. These containers mix heavy duty industrial durability with great desig and easy visability of contents to offer a stand out storage solution for home, retail or the office.

The clear plastic stacking Unibox is available in four different sizes, ranging from 16 litres to 54 litres. Ideal for schools' administration and archiving, domestic use, offices, catering and other uses, they are perfect for storing CDs, DVDs, files, books, tools, shoes, duvets, clothing and all your other odds and ends.

Invaluable in wet/damp environments and among our most popular items, these plastic boxes close to form an airtight seal; to keep out moisture and dust and to avoid spills. Our clear airtight plastic storage trunks and scuba boxes are available in sizes ranging from 18 litres up to 70 litres. Perfect for marine applications (boat and dock box), as a fishing box or for storage in the cellar, loft, garage, shed or warehouse, they can be relied upon to protect cameras, electronic devices, tools and any other delicate items. They also make the perfect camping and caravan accessory.

As the first UK stockist of Really Useful clear plastic boxes, our comprehensive range is manufactured from clear food-grade recyclable polypropylene. With locking handles to hold the lid in place, they are quite simply clear plastic box perfection.

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